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Celebrity Hair Transplant

Celebrity Hair Transplant
18 Eylül 2020

Celebrity Hair Transplant

Hair which requires great care is a very important feature that complements our self-confidence in daily life. Our lives are also affected by many factors such as stress, living conditions, work environment, the sun, rain, many materials we use as well as our diets, genetics which is reflected in dull, thinning and lack luster hair at an early age.

Hair transplantation is the process of supplementing the balding areas of men and women with healthy hair, usually from the back of the head and neck. Hair transplantations are applied with technological processes and it is essential that the treatments are decided as a result of diligent research. Let us remember that hair transplantation is not only preferred for supplementing thinning hair, sometimes it is applied to counter the need to hide a scar.

With the diligence we practice in the care of our hair, hair transplantation has now started to attract attention and we know that it is easier to have full well-groomed hair.

Let us help you by briefly introducing the current hair transplantation process.

First of all, let’s talk about some of the points that we should pay attention to in the hair transplantation process.

1: The procedure that is carried out with the micro-surgery method must be applied by experts.

2: People with chronic illnesses should make sure to inform their doctor before the procedure and request that this is taken into consideration.

3: The treatments and recommendations of the doctors ordered days in advance before the procedure must be fulfilled.

4: It is beneficial to pay attention to the reports prepared specifically for the person before the treatment and that the treatment is carried out by a sterile, reliable and experienced team.

5: It is useful to know that it is a locally applied procedure that lasts for 6-9 hours. The collected healthy hair is then properly transplanted.

6: Since following the doctor’s recommendations after hair transplantation will ensure a better result, it is essential that these recommendations are taken into consideration. Washing time is among the treatments to be applied to close the wounds. The rules and practices to be considered after a hair transplantation procedure are always among a priority.

7: Hair transplantation will not restrict your private life, you can continue your daily life as usual, and it is always better to make decisions by taking patient satisfaction in clinics into account in order to get the desired results.

We see that hair transplantation is very popular with our celebrities both on social media pages and in the studies of clinics and of course, the fact that different places are preferred guides us.

There are different hair transplant methods, these are:

1: DHI pro enriched serums, advanced laser, are a special treatment method applied in very few places. In its application to men and women, it is primarily applied after a holistic treatment aimed at stopping hair loss. It is a form of treatment performed by applying the process of immediately transplanting hair collected with special needles.

2: Groove opening procedures related to the FUE pen technique are one of the treatments performed according to the type of hair. It is among the preferred methods in the transplantation of long hair. It is the oldest yet most chosen hair transplantation method that does not need to open grooves in which advanced technology devices are used.

3: FUE method, on the other hand, is the application of combining skin and transplanted hair. Full adhesion of the roots to the skin is one of the hair transplant techniques.

Today, there are many celebrities who have resorted to hair transplantation, and it should be accepted that many people who closely follow the preferences and practices of these people guide those who want to learn about the procedures and clinics. Among these people are popular celebrities such as Murat Boz, Fikret Kuşkan, Hakan Yılmaz, Rıza Kocaoğlu, who are well known to many of us.

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