Dr. Ahmet Genç

Dr. Ahmet is one of the successful hair transplant surgeons of Smile Hair Clinic. Dr. Ahmet, who graduated from Kırıkkale University faculty of medicine in 2010, started his career with 3 years of family practice. After his experience as a prison doctor, emergency service and ambulance experience, he worked in the intensive care unit and dialysis department in a private hospital. However, his desire to constantly improve and explore new areas later led him to the hair transplantation field. He wanted to specialize in hair

transplant surgeries and his journey with Smile Hair Clinic has started after 8 years of hair transplant surgery experience at different clinics.

He was born in Isparta in 1985.. He lived there until the end of his high school education. His successful education life, which started in high school, continued with his university education and then his career. Dr  always has a friendly approach to his patients. He attaches importance to being friends with his patients and understanding them by listening to them during hair transplantation. Dr. According to Ahmet, patients should feel comfortable and valued.

He has a calm, patient, self-critical, solution-oriented nature. Although he is a bit obsessive, he manages to turn this into an advantage in business life. This helps him produce more meticulous and satisfaction-oriented work.

 In his spare time, he is interested in football, goes to matches, and enjoys driving on long roads. Sometimes he travels abroad by car. Married and father of two children, Dr. Ahmet also enjoys going to football matches with his family.

He can speak fluent English, Spanish and intermediate German. However, he also has enough vocabulary in other languages to guide his patients for hair transplantation.

Take a look at his recent interview to get into his lifestyle.

What is the essential value of your personality?

I’m a little obsessive and this challenges me in my private life, but it also helps me be more successful at work. I am a self-critical person, I question my mistakes and try to find a solution to whatever the problem is.

What is your work style at the clinic?

Success is what motivates me and makes me happy. This is what attracted me most to the field of hair transplantation. Seeing patients happy and sharing their joy with them helps me feel like I’m doing the right thing. It makes you feel good to be rewarded for your efforts and hard work.

What sign are you?


What is your favorite perfume? And why?

Emporio Armani You. There’s no particular reason, I just love the smell.

What’s the bedside book you love most? And why?

İçindeki devi uyandır. It’s a Turkish book. It says you are actually what you think, and your words may affect your life. It tells the brain believes what you say. That’s why it took the first place among my favorite books.

Where were the most inspiring cities you visited?

Spain. Because people are very happy and friendly. They also love to live and have fun. That’s why I love it there

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