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Smile Gentle Club

For all these years, our patients and we have formed a great family, and our relationship has been the most important thing for us. Are you one of these gentlemen who have his hair back in Smile Hair Clinic? How about extending our Gentlemen Club? With “Smile Gentleman Club,” we take this relationship one step ahead and invite you to join us to make our family bigger, help us improve the quality, and provide affordable hair loss treatment for everyone! If you know someone considering having a hair transplant treatment; and looking for the best place to get his operation, all you need to do is explain your experience and start contact between us. You will receive a referral reward when your friend decides to go with the Gentlemen Club of Smile Hair Clinic! After the treatment, our new family member will get a 100€ discount as well!


How to Benefit From Smile Gentlemen Club

1. Eligibility


 Smile Hair Clinic employees

● Smile Hair Clinic partners and staff

● Candidates must not have contacted Smile Hair Clinic or our partners before the referral.

● The patients who had already benefited from other discounts

 2. How the referral system works?

If you have your friend interested in booking a hair transplant surgery with us, do the following:

a) Let the Candidate get in touch with us

b) The Candidate should state the person who referred them and share the information with our case managers.

c) The Candidate needs to confirm the referral and treatment to Smile Hair Clinic.

d) The case will be evaluated within 24-48 hours after the Candidate’s application.

e) They must accept that you referred to have the right to disclaim the discount and your bonus.

f) There is NO limit! You are free to be referral as many people as you like!

3. What Do You & Your Friend Get?

a) If the Candidate undergoes treatment at Smile Hair Clinic, you and the Candidate can receive the loyalty reward.

b) The payment reward structure:

-You: every single new operation will be 100 credits*.

– Your referral: € 100 discount from total expense.

4. How an Influencer get benefit from Smile Gentle Club Patient Reference Program?

If you are an influencer, active on Instagram, Youtube, or TikTok, we will make a content plan for your social media profile and give you a promo code! For each Candidate you get us, you will receive 100€.

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