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Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

Hair Transplant Turkey Cost
11 Aralık 2019

Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

Hair transplant turkey cost is one of the main reasons why around 1.000.000 men from all over the World choose to have hair transplant operations in İstanbul/Turkey.
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Types Of Hair Transplant Price Range in Turkey Price Range in the UK Price Range in Europe Price Range in America
Fue Hair Transplant € 1799 – € 2500 £ 4690 – £ 10090 € 3450 – € 4850 $ 11400 – $ 15900
DHI Hair Transplant € 2490 – € 4000 £ 10600 – £ 13090 € 5550 – € 31190 $ 13800 – $ 12300
Manuel Fue Transplant € 3490 – € 5990 £ 15750 – £ 30090 € 12700 – € 41390 $ 11900 – $ 12500
Sapphire Fue Transplant € 1999 – € 4990 £ 5750 – £ 14090 € 4700 – € 6300 $ 13900 – $ 12590

In European countries, for many people, it is tough to know if they can afford a hair transplant or not since the operations are expensive and they are charged per graft.  Most hair transplant clinics in Turkey offer their patients “All Inclusive” packages. These packages include necessary medications, all transfers and accommodation gratis, and the price is not affected if how many grafts are transplanted. They also promise there is no hidden cost, which leaves no question mark if people can afford their transplant or not.

Compared to hair transplant costs with the United Kingdom or European countries, hair transplant costs one third or one fourth in Turkey. Most Turkish hair transplant clinic offers a hair transplant in range 1.300-2.000 GBP cost.

Does Low Cost Means Low Quality?

Low hair transplantation cost in Turkey may cause some to hesitate and think low price also means low quality.

The reason why hair transplant Turkey cost and other treatments are so affordable is the balance between Turkish currency and GBP, EURO, and USD. Currency balance is the main reason you may have a top quality hair transplant and other treatments in a very experienced clinic or hospital.

In the past two decades, Turkish surgeons number working in the hair transplant field has been grown significantly—this increased competition. So as a marketing strategy, clinics decreased their cost.

 Turkish doctors and hospitals are famous for their experience and accomplishing challenging surgeries with success. When you do your research, you should know, Turkey has been one of the top destinations for dental treatments, eye, cancer and plastic surgeries for many years. In fact, many years before Turkey became the most preferred destination for hair restoration, for the last 20 years, people from the United Kingdom and other countries had been travelling with their friends as a tour and having eye laser surgery and dental treatments after a lovely vacation.

Also, clinics which perform hair transplant needs to be accredited by Turkish Health Ministry. Routine visits guarantees clinics meet the requirements for the best quality.

What Is All-Inclusive Package?

All-inclusive package means that the price includes:

  • Airport to hotel and hotel to clinic transfers
  • Medications you need before, during and after surgery.
  • Accommodation in a 4-star or a 5-star hotel
  • A translator who can speak your mother tongue
  • Free online aftercare services

You can plan your journey before you land in Turkey, and you will know exactly how much you will pay for your FUE hair transplant.

What are the factors affecting hair transplant cost in Turkey?

  • Doctors experience: There are many doctors and clinics in Turkey offering hair transplant. These clinics have a high range in price difference. The most desired and experienced surgeons are at the top of the priest list. It will be the best option for you to check doctors or clinics reviews and background before deciding.
  • Hotel: You may choose a 5-star or 4-star hotel for accommodation which are included in all-inclusive packages. You may want to save choosing a 4-star hotel or wish to have some extra comfort in a 5-star hotel.
  • Technique: Many techniques are used for hair replacement. Some of them are advanced and special materials are used, which are extra cost. Cost may slightly change according to technique and materials are used.
  • Graft Number: Although most of the clinics offer all-inclusive packages, some of them has a cost per graft. It will be wise to know the maximum range of grafts to know how much you will pay most.

How much does hair transplant cost in Turkey?

In Turkey, the average cost for the all-inclusive hair transplant package is € 2,300, the minimum cost is €1,100, and the maximum cost is € 6,000. The mentioned cost is nearly three times cheaper than the average package prices of other European Countries. In Germany, a hair transplant approximately costs € 5,700, in the UK € 6,500, in Spain € 5,950, in Poland € 5,300.

How much does 3000 grafts cost in Turkey?

In hair transplantation, generally, 3000 grafts are processed on average, and 3000 grafts are approximately equal to 7500 hair strands. Most hair transplant centres do only 3000 grafts of hair transplant, but they present the results to the patient because they have transplanted 7500 hairs.

Hair transplantation with 3000 grafts is neither more nor less, therefore, price calculations are made over 3000 grafts in hair transplantation and hair transplantation price is presented in this way to those who are considering transplantation. Some hair transplantation centres make false advertisements such as; more than 3000 grafts cannot be transplanted. If the donor area of the patient suitable for that kind operation more than 3000 grafts can be transplanted. On the other hand, overharvesting in order to perform more than 3000 grafts hair transplantation is dangerous for the future. Thus, true planning before the surgery is key of a successful hair transplant.

Hair transplantation centres, which offer hair transplantation price with the calculation of grafts in hair transplantation, make 3000 grafts of hair transplantation, even if it is generally possible, and they offer a price between is €1,500, and € 4,500 for these 3000 grafts of hair transplantation. People with full hair loss may have to have 2 or more hair transplantation sessions, as 3000 grafts transplanted will definitely not be enough.

Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost

Hair transplant in Turkey Cost – Having a hair transplant in Turkey has some extra benefits:

  • Experienced doctors: Since Istanbul/ Turkey is addressed as the hair transplant capital, many World known specialized and professional doctors. These doctors continuously improve themselves to reach their patients’ expectations.
  • Advanced technologies: Clinics in Istanbul used the most advanced technologies such as sapphire blades to ensure their patients will get the best possible result.
  • Vacation: Turkey is well known as a tourist destination. You can have a magnificent vocation before having your operation.
  • Data protection regulation: Turkey has a similar data protection regulation as European community countries. You can be sure your operation is confidential.
  • Safety: In Turkey, hair transplant operations can be performed only in accredited clinics. These clinics have to meet Turkish Health Ministry emergency regulations. You will always know that you will be in safe hands.
  • Cost: Hair transplant Turkey cost is maybe the most tempting factor to choose people to have their hair transplant in Istanbul. Everybody wants to have a 5-star service for one-fourth cost.

Is it safe to travel to Turkey for Hair Transplant?

Yesit is safe to travel to Turkey for Hair Transplant, indeed. Apart from being a historical and attractive tourism destination Istanbul is the epicentre of Hair Transplantation. Every year hundreds of thousands of individuals travel Turkey to get their surgeries not only for hair transplant but also for the other medical interventions such as plastic surgery, orthopaedics, oncology, obesity surgery and organ transplantation.

How much does 2000 grafts cost?

In hair transplantation, 2000 grafts are approximately equal to 5000 hair strands. The price of 2000 grafts is between €1,500, and € 4,500. On the other hand, the hair transplant cost of 2000 grafts in Turkey will not be so different than 4000 grafts hair transplant or the cost of 3000 hair grafts since the most of the hair transplant clinics offer all-inclusive packages for maximum  grafts transplantation.

How much does 4000 hair grafts cost in Turkey?

In hair transplantation, 4000 grafts are approximately equal to 10000 hair strands. The price of 4000 grafts is between €1,500, and € 4,500. The average package prices in Germany, is € 5,700, in the UK € 6,500, in Spain € 5,950, in Poland € 5,300. Some of the European and USA clinics charge per graft in those cases the cost of 4000 graft hair transplant may be between € 6000 and € 14000.

Why is Hair Transplant so cheap in Turkey?

Turkey is well-known for performing hair transplant at regard of lower prices in comparison with the other countries and the UK.  It should not be thought that the cheaper prices are due to the poor quality of the Hair Transplant Clinics located in Turkey. On the contrary, there are high-quality clinics and very experienced and well-trained hair transplant surgeons perform in Istanbul; the capital of hair transplantation. The main reason why hair transplantation prices are cheaper in Turkey is the lower cost of rent, material and product, and the high exchange rate difference between Turkish lira and EURO and USD. As a result, hair transplant clinics in Turkey can offer lower-cost procedures of equal or even higher quality.

Why Smile Hair Clinic?

Smile Hair Clinic was founded in 2018 by two doctors, Dr Gökay Bilgin and Dr Mehmet Erdoğan, working together in the hair transplant field for many years. Both of our doctors are very experienced and obsessed with quality.

To be sure, the operation’s quality and you will get the best where to buy tren ace possible result every step of your procedure is monitored and recorded to your medical file.

Sterilization and hygiene is a must for Smile Hair Clinic. When you step into our operation rooms, you will exactly know you are safe.

All our staff has an emergency and cardiopulmonary resuscitation training monthly.

Smile Hair Clinic had many happy and satisfied patients in these three years. When someone searches to find a clinic to have a hair transplant, one of the essential point is former patients and experience, Smile Hair Clinic has a 4.9 over 5.0 Trust Pilot rating. We highly recommend you to check our satisfied patient’s comments about us.

Smile Hair Clinic Aftercare Program

After you have your operation, you need some time to heal also, not like most of the other aesthetic surgeries, hair transplant results are not seen as soon as you have the surgery. In this period Smile Hair Clinic will assist you. Our team and doctors will answer all your questions and evaluate you if necessary.

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