Smile Gentle Care

Smile Hair Clinic is passionate about patients’ ultimate comfort in all stages of your visit. Smile Gentle Care™ manifests how a patient’s ultimate comfort is considered a total hospitality experience.

Your specialized assistants are assigned to you when you first contact Smile Hair Clinic, which means there’s always someone with you to support you during the entire process.

Let’s have a look at how the touchpoints are carefully designed for your seamless hospitality and operation experience.

  • Every hair transplant application is assigned to a case manager; the whole process is executed under the control of the case manager.
  • Your case manager sends Medical Evaluation Survey and collects your information about your needs and expectations, including photos of the patient.
  • Your case manager and surgeon overviews needs and expectations; executes pre-planning and prepares an Evaluation Report.
  • Your case manager submits the treatment plan to the patient.
  • Your case manager assists you through every step you take.
    Operation Day:  You will be welcomed by your bi-lingual Guest Relations Specialists and she will be your guide throughout the day as you complete each phase of your operation. 
    Pre Operation Briefing: Your doctor will be briefing you early in the morning about the procedures you will go through.
    True Planning before the operation: Your Hair Line Planning is conducted by our best-in-class Hair Transplant Surgeons.
    Operation: All operations are performed under the supervision of Smile’s Hair Transplant Surgeons and Hair Transplant Surgical Assistants.
  • Post Operation controls are granted by our Doctors’ final check-out procedures.
  • After you have your hair transplant operation and check out, you will be assigned to and introduced to our experienced patient experience specialist who will be responsible for your hair growth in the coming 18 months. Patient experience specialists are experts on hair growth observation; work closely with our doctors to ensure a healthy growth

Smile Gentle Care™ Program is managed by the Patient Experience Department under Smile Hair Clinic Corporate management hierarchy. Our Patients’ Satisfaction is guaranteed by Smile Hair Clinic’s patient-first attitude.

At Smile Hair Clinic, we believe in taking a holistic approach to the entire process leads to actual long-term success, which is why we do not only concentrate on the operation day. This holistic point of view, supported by applying the post-operative guidelines, secures operation success at a very top rate.

Taking care of newly transplanted hair is our mutual responsibility with the patient, however, Smile Hair Clinic is there to support you no matter what in the long run.

Get to Know Smile Gentle Care™ Program People

Case Manager: Your first-in contact assistant who plans your treatment and solves every issue about your hospitality arrangements.

Guest Relations Specialist: Your operation day guide who will be supporting you on the ground at the clinic.

Hair Transplant Surgeon: Your hairline designer, operation planner, and performer. (M.D. Doctor)

Hair Transplant Surgical Assistant: Your operation performer.

Patient Experience Specialist: Your main point of contact for post-operation procedures, follow-up, and secure your satisfaction.

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