Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan

Hair Transplant Surgeon, MD. Medical Aesthetic Physician

Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan, who holds a Medical Degree  (M.D) in the Faculty of Medicine from Yeditepe University,  is the co-founder of Smile Hair Clinic and a Member of the ISHRS

His early career started at Acıbadem Health Group as a medical doctor. Afterward, he decided to pursue his ambition in medical administration and got transferred to Medicana Health Group. His strong business acumen led him to be assigned as Deputy Chief Physician and the Director of the International Patient Center in 2013. Besides, Dr.  Erdoğan gained hair transplantation certifications and became Hair Transplant Surgeon, Medical Aesthetic Physician at the same time. Since then, he has performed more than 4000+ operations. His expertise in hair transplantation has advanced considerably.

His advanced skills and deep experience combined with an understanding of international medical tourism management experience led him to co-found Smile Hair Clinic back in 2018.  

His perfectionist perspective on aesthetics led him to seek advancements in modern hair transplantation techniques. Dr. Erdogan’s reputation for hair transplantation is now well-known all over the world.

In his procedures, Dr. Erdoğan uses the most up-to-date and widely accepted Micromotor Graft ex and Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation incisions. He believes planning is the most crucial step. As a result, planning of donor, hairline design, and planning depending on the patient’s facial features provide a natural-looking result.  

Dr. Erdoğan is impassionate about advancement. He always seeks new ways to innovate for the better. That’s how he and his colleague Dr. Bilgin developed True™ Philosophy 

Dr. Erdoğan is known for his up-to-date classy outfit style and his interest in cigars. He’s a true explorer when it comes to getting to know new cultures in musical and artistic dimensions.

During the operations, he listens to his elite repertoire of music in the clinic.  

His top priority is the successful advancement of the techniques which are used as medical standards at Smile Hair Clinic. 

He is proficient in  English and German languages. 

He’s into playing golf; he enjoys his weekends by advancing his golf skills.

He is newly married.  

Take a look at his recent interview to get into his lifestyle.

What is the essential value of your personality? 

I value aesthetics and perfection almost in all fields of life. Socially, I’d love to feed my soul with fine arts and culture. I believe aesthetics is our inner sense and drives our artistic creativity. My job is to transform men’s appearance in a better way and make an impact on their life.  Therefore, I fuse my technical knowledge of hair transplantation with my aesthetic perspective and perform my job as a creative artist. 

What is your work style at the clinic? 

I enjoy what I do every day, that’s kind of my passion. And without enjoying it, it doesn’t make much sense. I feel privileged to have this gift and doing my best to advance our techniques and introduce innovations. 

What sign are you? 


What is your favorite perfume? And why? 

Aventus of Creed, because it’s a sophisticated blend and savors a well-lived life. 

What’s the bedside book you love most? And why? 

The Essential, Marcus Aurelius  

Where were the most inspiring cities you visited? 

Havana (Cuba), Siam Reap (Cambodia), Hanoi (Vietnam). For me, untouched cultures are the most fascinating. I’m a true culture explorer.

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