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Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant
11 Aralık 2019


For beard transplant, hair follicles are harvested from back of the head, lower neck – where beard is dense – or any other body part and they are transferred to the face; this treatment modality has direct impacts on look and self confidence of men. The operation takes approximately 8 hours under local anesthesia. Transient symptoms include redness, swelling and dryness in skin, but such symptoms disappear completely within several days. Beards start growing in 2 to 4 weeks. Success rates are high even in single session. A second operation may be required in some patients.


Beard transplant may help the person have dense beard that looks natural.
After the operation is performed, the person can shave and shape the beard as he wishes.
Beard transplant is planned to ensure an aesthetic look that also fits face of the person.
The person has the freedom to choose how the beard looks.
Sideburns can also be shaped with hair/beard transplant.


Beard transplant is recommended for persons without beard or who complains of sparse beard. It is
also effective to hide burn and wound scars. For beard transplant, it is recommended to wait for until
the person is 22 years old. It is at the disposal of the doctor whether a person with a hormonal
disorder, heart disease or diabetes mellitus can have beard transplant.


Smile Hair Clinic promises realistic results to the patients. Patients are not deceived regarding the
amount of grafts and expected results. More importantly, head, back of the head, face and forehead
are assessed at the planning phase, hair follicles are examined, hair transplant is planned and the
patient is informed about all possible consequences in an understandable manner in order to make
the patient have realistic expectations. Otherwise, individuals feel themselves deceived and
disappointed. To avoid such outcomes, the best option is to receive clinical support from professional
and trustworthy clinics.

Beard transplant surgery has been carried out in many patients from various countries of the world
and successful outcomes are created in Smile Hair Clinic. All phases of the operation are supervised

by our physicians who have long-standing experience in this field and state-of-the-art devices are
used for this treatment. All patients are informed in detail about the entire beard transplant process
based on realistic approaches.

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