Dr. Büşra Yakupoğlu

Hair Transplant Surgeon, MD. Medical Aesthetic Physician


Dr. Büşra Yakupoğlu started her medical education in Onsekiz Mart University. In her university life, she joined the International Federation of Medical Students Association and participated in many international activities and congresses. In this period, she tried to understand and enjoy the culture of each country she has traveled to. That is why she was attracted to health tourism after her graduation. Also her interest in human psychology and her experience that show her the positive influences of esthetic treatments to human psychology got her excited about the medical esthetic field. Therefore, being a member of Smile Hair Clinic was exactly what she was looking for, so she started her career as a Medical Esthetic Surgeon in Smile Hair Clinic.


She was born in Adana which is a very popular city of Turkey. She raised in a very caring family with full of love (her sister is her favorite person in the world). The support of her family, especially her mother being a teacher, contributed to her success during her entire educational life and she always became a successful student in the schools she has attended. Her belief of systematic and practical working also had a very important role in her success. Accordingly, her main career goal has become being one of the best doctors in the Medical Esthetic field. 


She enjoys being a caring human being that is why she worked to protect the rights of refugees and educated people about the topic. Additionally, she has attended events about disaster recovery. She is a defender of animal rights and believes in caring for every living being. She also believes in equality for each individual.


She has an introverted, free-spirited, compatible and problem solver personality. She enjoys doing meditations, pilates and learning the principles of yoga. She loves exploring different   cultures and spending time with animals, especially cats. She is fond of art and social events. She likes listening to techno music and this is her favorite genre for performing aesthetic operations.


Her main values are respect and empathy. She finds it important to have principles in life but we also need to understand other people’s needs and feelings and respect them. She believes making someone happy is a great success and sees she can do it via Medical Aesthetics with make people have peace with how they look in the mirror. 


Her sign: Virgo

Her favorite movie: Star Wars

Her favorite song: Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah

Her favorite city: Amsterdam and Çanakkale

Her favorite book: Sapiens

Her motto: Create your own utopia

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