Dr. Ali Osman Soluk

Hair Transplant Surgeon, MD. Medical Aesthetic Physician

Dr. Ali Osman SOLUK is a successful hair transplant surgeon who works at Smile Hair Clinic, sharing his experience in hair transplantation and treatment with patients and guiding them. Dr. Ali Osman SOLUK, who graduated from Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, started his medical career in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, where he worked as a field physician in Home Health Services and as a senior manager in ISPER, one of the companies of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, for a long time. During this time, he contributed as a manager in the execution of most of the health services provided to Istanbulites by the municipality.

During this period, he participated in many national and international fairs and many international meetings with UCLG Health Committee for the development of health tourism in Turkey and the promotion of the country.

He always prioritized education with the desire to improve himself. He completed his master’s degree in Hospital and Health Institutions Management. He also graduated from the Department of Justice while continuing his business life.

His enthusiasm for working brought him together with many health institutions, health professionals, and patients as a workplace physician and emergency room doctor.

His desire to learn new things led him to hair transplantation and hair treatments. During his two years at Esteworld, he helped hundreds of patients in the field of hair treatments, hair laser, PRP, stem cell, Acell PRP, and medical hair treatment.

Dr. Ali Osman, who enjoys following developments in the field of health, received training in ozone therapy.

Dr. Ali Osman enjoys spending time with his wife and two children outside of his professional life.

Dr. Ali Osman enjoys going to the movies, reading books, and researching and collecting hobbies that bring him great pleasure, such as watches and fountain pens. His passion for cars has become a hobby he has followed for years.

Take a look at his recent interview to get into his lifestyle.

What is the essential value of your personality? 

I try to be the best at what I do. I am researching to have up-to-date information about my job.

What is your work style at the clinic? 

Trying to achieve perfection. Putting patient satisfaction as the first goal.

What sign are you? 


What is your favorite perfume? And why? 

Kirke. The persistence of the scent and the notes are very impressive.

What’s the bedside book you love most? And why?

The Da Vinci Code. Action and adventure books have always been my favorite genre. In this book, the depictions of historical places and the narrative style make even those who have not seen the places described feel like they have seen those places in their imagination. The author is very successful in this regard. The Lord of the Rings Series and Sherlock Holmes books are also my favorite books. I also follow Paulo Coelho’s books with interest.

Where were the most inspiring cities you visited? 

The cities that have influenced me the most are Barcelona and Dubai. I am impressed by the fact that one is a city where people of all nationalities live and spend their holidays with its architecture that combines the past and the present, and the other is decorated with the most beautiful buildings that can be created by human hands from the desert and turned into a center of attraction for the whole world.

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