Sideburn Restoration

Sideburn Restoration

Sideburn Restoration hair loss is also a common problem among men and women. Do not worry about your loss if you are experiencing hair loss on your sideburns, eyebrows, or front hairline, which is known as Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia.

With the latest technology, restoration and regaining of your lost hair are possible in Smile Hair Clinic. Sideburn hair restoration is just like hair transplantation. Smile’s dedicated team will consider your needs, aesthetic goals, and expectations to give you the best natural-looking sideburn restoration.

With the FUE technique, the surgeon extracts grafts from the side or back of the scalp. 

It is essential to ensure that your scalp’s hair’s thickness, tissue, and color match your sideburn to give the patient a natural-looking sideburn restoration. 

True planning of the patient’s sideburns by paying attention to the direction and angle of hair and hair growth pattern of the hair grafts provides a successful sideburn restoration. 

What Are the Causes of Sideburn Hair Loss? 

There are several causes of sideburn hair loss. Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia generally originates from aging. So, it can be claimed that hair loss on your eyebrows, sideburns, and mustache may be the signs of aging. However, aging is not the only reason you experience hair loss in these areas. 

Sideburn hair loss can be caused by various factors, ranging from hereditary patterns to medical disorders. Burns, injuries, or physical trauma may leave you with facial scarring, which might be why you need sideburn restoration. Chemotherapy also plays a big part in damaging your sideburns. 

After facelift operation, women tend to require sideburn restoration. And too much hair styling can also be the cause of missing sideburn hair.

Can Everyone Have Sideburn Restoration?

People who have:

  • alopecia barbae (hair loss in the beard)
  • desire to improve and evolve their sideburn appearance
  • patchy, thin, or spotty  sideburns because of alopecia
  • facial scarring: burn, injuries.
  • scars from a facelift surgery which women are more likely to experience
  • acne scars in the sideburn area

can undergo a sideburn restoration operation. 

Get Ready for Your Sideburn Restoration

Smoking should be avoided for at least 24 hours before surgery. Smoking can damage wound healing and recovery. Not smoking after the operation will also be suitable for a successful result. 

Consumption of alcohol impacts your surgery. So you should also avoid consuming alcohol at least three days before the operation; for a healthy and successful sideburn restoration, do not consume it for a while after the surgery. 

Around two weeks before the procedure, stop taking any blood thinners. 

It is recommended not to shave your existing sideburns. Your doctor will be examining the recipient area. If it is needed, your doctor will shave your sideburn area.

Even if your sideburn hair is sparse, thin, or uneven, don’t shave it off; you may have some peach fuzz even if it’s completely gone. The surgeon must examine the recipient area to determine the regular hair follicle development pattern, angle, and direction.

Sideburn Restoration Aftercare

There are some necessary procedures the patient should pay attention to after the operation to have successful results.

 Let’s learn aftercare procedures that help you reach the desired appearance:

  • Take a few days’ rests after your operation.
  • Never touch the transplanted area! It slows down the healing process. 
  • Always be careful with your newly transplanted sideburns. Do not sleep on your sides; otherwise, you can damage your hair grafts in that area. Try to keep your head upright while sleeping. A neck pillow helps you with that.
  • At least two days after the surgery, do not consume hard and chewy foods so as not to stretch your skin and take out the grafts. 
  • Do not let the soap touch the transplanted area while washing your face. Our doctors will advise you to use a special shampoo to clean your sideburns. 
  • The patient should avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. It may damage your transplanted area and leave blemishes or red spots. 
  • At least for a month following your sideburn restoration, it is better to avoid activities that make you sweat because sweating increases your risk of infection.
  • For at least a month, you should not go swimming, gym, and to the sauna. 

What Are the Side Effects After Sideburn Restoration? 

It is usual to encounter the following side effects after a sideburn restoration:

  • You may experience swelling for one week.
  • You may bleed for 2-3 days.
  • You may feel pain for 3-4 days.
  • You may feel numbness or tingle for 3-4 days.
  • You may feel itchy for one week.
  • You may have tiny bumps, redness, and folliculitis.

Do not worry if you experience these side effects. Smile Hair Clinic will be observing your healing process after your operation. Therefore, if anything happens oppositely, you can always contact Smile. 

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