DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

DHI Hair Transplant Turkey?

DHI Hair Transplant is one of the most researched and popular transplantation methods by potential patients who want to have a hair transplant operation today.

The grafts taken from the donor area through Micro FUE hair transplantation method (in medical terminology, every tissue or organ taken from another part of the body or another donor for transplantation are called as graft) can be directly transplanted the area of transplantation without classical micro-incision and channel opening.

What are the features of the pens (implanter pens) used in DHI?

The pens used in DHI hair transplantation are hollow and have a spring mechanism. This spring-loaded mechanism pushes the tip when pressed after it is stretched, and it pierces the skin and leaves the graft inside. These pens were first developed for fine hair, specialized implanter pens for thick hair were also introduced to the market after a while.
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DHI hair transplantation is one of the most preferred methods in hair transplantation today. The hair transplantation process can be divided into two main phases with this technique: Extraction (Harvesting) and Implantation.

It is the process of placing grafts collected by FUE or FUT extraction techniques applied in other methods, in the area to be transplanted with selected devices called implanter pen.

In this technique, which is also known as “Pen Technique”, Special equipment/pens with special fine tips are used to transfer the graft directly to the skin when the grafts are put into them one by one and pressed.

This operation, which is also performed under the local anaesthesia, requires more people to work in the team than other hair transplantation techniques. Otherwise, the procedure lasts longer, so the number of grafts that can be transferred is limited in clinics that do not have a large team specialized on DHI.

In DHI method hair in the area to be transferred can be transplanted without incisions, offers a distinct advantage for those who worry about the appearance after the hair transplantation due to their job, social status and different reasons.

The implanter pens sometimes referred to as a “Choi Pen” used in this method started to be used in South Aisa 1980s, and have been developed and used since then.

Towards the mid-2000s, some surgeons in Europe, who could not get the results they wanted, considered the DHI transplantation method a solution. A new method perception was created because of these surgeons introducing this method in Europe.

There is no scientific study comparing DHI and sapphire FUE methods, so it is not logical to rank one above the other. Each method has its advantages. It is not a suitable method for every patient.

The person’s eligibility for hair transplantation with the DHI hair transplantation technique is determined under the doctor’s control after a detailed medical history and examination. Proper patient selection for this technique is critical.

Its application to patients, who will need high graft numbers, may cause the operation to last very long. Therefore, it may cause the quality of grafts left open for a long time to lose their quality entirely or partially.

How Is DHI Hair Transplantation Done?

DHI hair transplant turkey is carried out in Smile Hair Clinic by transferring the grafts taken through the follicular unit extraction = FUE technique to the area desired using a special pen (implanter pen). In FUE/FUT methods, after the grafts are extracted, the channels (incisions) are made in the skin with various tools, and then the grafts are placed into these channels.

In DHI hair transplantation, the channel is not opened. After the tip of the pen containing the graft penetrates the skin, the transplantation process is completed by sliding the graft into the skin.

between 2500 USD and 4500 USD

How Much Does DHI Hair Transplantation Cost in Turkey? Compared to England and America, the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is quite cheap. In these countries, the cost of dhi hair transplantation goes up to 10,000 USD. However, the cost of dhi hair transplantation in Turkey is between 2500 USD and 4500 USD.

Is DHI better than FUE?

Is FUE or DHI better in beard transplantation? When DHI hair transplantation is placed on hair grafts, it is considered a much better transplant procedure for beard because of the angle. The entry angle helps create a much more natural beard look.

Who is Eligible for DHI Hair Transplant?

DHI hair transplantation can be applied to anyone who wants to have a hair transplant operation. Patients who wish to have transplantation without shaving may first consider the DHI technique. In hair transplantation with other methods, higher graft numbers can be used.

In this respect, the number of grafts that the patient will need should be considered in the patients who wish to have DHI, and the decision should be made with the surgeon who will perform the procedure.

Before deciding your hair transplant operation type, the most crucial step is to choose a clinic that will take care of you in the best way possible and always be with you after the operation.

What are the Pros and Cons of DHI Hair Transplantation?

– In DHI hair transplantation, there is less bleeding than other transplantation methods where the incisions (channel) are made.

– It is preferred by the patients who want unshaved transplantation and worry about cosmetic appearance.

– Wound healing after transplantation occurs a few days earlier than other methods.

– It is easier for inexperienced surgeons to angle and direct the hair.

– If more than 3000 grafts are to be transferred, other methods can give more successful results.

– Although it is stated in many sources that more intense transplantation can be achieved with DHI hair transplantation, our surgeons can also easily reach the same density in sapphire hair transplantation in Smile Hair Clinic.

-It is more costly because unique materials are used in this method.

DHI Hair Transplantation Prices

The DHI hair transplant operation varies according to the clinic or hospital where it is applied. This method’s cost is higher than other micro FUE hair transplantation methods due to its long duration and increased labour force.


The Best DHI Hair Transplantation Centers

Before deciding on the best DHI hair transplantation centres, the most important thing a person should do is researching the resume of the physician who will perform this operation. It is vital to choose a surgeon who is expert in his field.

A meticulous work needs to be done in this regard. The patient must be sure of the width of the team that will perform the procedure. After getting information about the doctor and the clinic, another critical issue will be patient comments.

The comments of patients about a clinic and a patient’s satisfaction with both the physician and the clinic’s service, in general, mean that you are one step closer to choosing the right clinic.


Smile Hair Clinic promises realistic results to a patient. Patients are not mistaken about the number of grafts and the result to be obtained. Before the hair transplant operation, hair transplant plan is made by the physicians. Although the procedure is an aesthetic operation and what you want is important, it would be a good choice to consider your doctor’s recommendations.

One of the most critical points before the surgery is the realization of the hair transplantation plan performed by evaluating the back of the head, recipient area, face, forehead of the patient and examining the hair follicles. And to explain all the possible results that the patient may encounter, no matter what, and enter into a realistic expectation. Otherwise, individuals feel deceived and disappointed.

To avoid this, it is always best to seek professional support from clinics that you believe you can trust. DHI is a hair transplantation technique that requires sensitive work and is applied to the long-term operation. First of all, it is necessary to determine the eligibility of individuals for this procedure.

For this reason, it is imperative that the physicians who will supervise experts in their fields and experienced in this application method. Professional physicians of Smile Hair Clinic supervise all the process of the patients starting from the beginning to the end of the process and inform the patient in detail.

Successful results have been obtained from thousands of operations performed to date, and patients have been provided with returning their home happily. Click on  https://www.smilehairclinic.com/en/DHI-direct-hair-implant/ to learn more about the DHI hair transplant technique and get hair transplant service with the most accurate method.

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