Day Of Procedure

The Day When The Transformation Starts 

Day Of Procedure; Eventually, the big day when the transformation starts to come. It is so common that you have recurring questions on your mind, such as what should I do on the day of hair transplantation? How to prepare for my hair surgery on the day of the procedure?

 There is no need to worry because this guide provides all the necessary information that the patients consider to experience a smooth and successful operation. 

Where to Stay During My Experience in Smile Hair Clinic?

Since the ultimate comfort of the patients is the priority, Smile’s patients will be assisted by the authorities from the beginning of the hair transplantation process to the end, which is known as  Smile Gentle Care in Smile Hair Clinic. 

Your accommodation will be arranged in a 4-5 stars hotel by the operation team of Smile. 

How to Get to Smile Hair Clinic on the Day of the procedure?

Our patients’ transportation is going to be provided by Smile. The shuttle will pick you up to drive to the clinic on the day of your hair transplant surgery. So you do not need to worry about transportation.  


Do I Have an Interpreter in the Clinic?

Because health tourism is very advanced, we provide our patients with interpreters qualified in the language that you speak! At Smile, we do not have a language barrier. 

Will I Be Informed about the Whole Process of Hair Transplant on the Day of the Procedure?

Smile Guest Relations Specialists will be with you all the way long, as well as your case manager. So, you will be informed about the whole process, pre-op and post-op procedures. You will be advised on what is best for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your patient experience specialist and case manager. 

How Do We Get You Prepared for Operation?

  • First, our doctors give general information about the surgery on the procedure day.
  • Consent documents will be handed out to be read carefully and signed by the patients.
  • Before the surgery, your “before” hair transplantation photos will be taken by Smile’s photographers. 
  • Blood tests (HIV, HBV, HCV ) will be carried out, and your vital signs (BP, Temperature, Pulse, etc.) checked before the hair transplant.

How Long Does the Operation Take?

The operation takes 6-8 hours. So, please have your breakfast before the procedure. Do not worry about getting bored during your surgery; our rooms have smart television with an internet connection. So if you like, we can put on good music or movies.

What are the Steps of Surgery?

  • One of the most critical steps of your surgery is the planning process. Smile’s doctors plan your surgery to give you the best outcomes and desired appearance. 
  • The patient’s donor area quality, density, and size are evaluated. 
  • Smile’s doctors guide and advise regarding the hairline and draw the hairline for you. You can discuss your ideas about your hairline with your doctor. 
  • The operation starts with the extraction of hair follicles from your donor area. After extraction, channels will be opened by your doctor, and it continues with implantation. 

What about Lunch?

Smile Hair Clinic orders your lunch according to your preference. So if you are a vegetarian or prefer kosher/halal food, do not worry; we will take care of it.

The Next Day After the Operation

Our patients will be expected to visit Smile Hair Clinic the next day after the operation. We will do the wound care, check the recipient and donor area for any signs of infection or inflammation and change bandages at the clinic the next day after the surgery. We will do the first wash if your surgery was two days ago. 

Sometimes if the patient had more bleeding/discharge than usual we can perform the first wash the next day after the surgery.

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