Smile True Philosophy

True™ Philosophy

Smile Hair Clinic has disciplined its way of performing hair transplantation around the TRUE Philosophy, which consists of three elements, and these three elements circle around the three main values of the brand. When the founders first established Smile back then, their driving values were Analysis, Accomplishment, and Advancement.

They believed that those values help them become the region’s most recognized hair transplantation clinic. Not long after, in the light of those values, Smile Hair Clinic introduced its way of doing and its philosophy as a hair transplantation standard.

True™ Philosophy consists of four key aspects:

True Planning

At Smile, it always starts with analysis. True Planning technique enlightens the way to achieve natural-looking transplantation results. Examining the data before making a decision is a key step in hair transplantation. So that, Smile recognizes patient’s inputs and strives to make the maximum. At True Planning step, our doctors detailly examine the donor area.

Smile believes that defining the most appropriate numbers of grafts for the patient’s need depends on the doctor’s capability and gusto in designing hair. After donor area examination, the transplantation area is planned in accordance with the prior examination data. Then the hairline is drawn with the help of special tools which ensure an optimal and natural result.

True Hair Line Design

We believe that hairline design is key for a natural-looking hair transplantation result. Our True Hair Line Design procedures prioritize single hair follicular units to be positioned on the front lines to maintain aesthetic proportions and look.

Our aesthetic front-line drawing always considers angles to grow hair in a natural-looking way. We care about sustaining the masculinity of the hairline; therefore, the position of the hairline is determined according to the muscles on the forehead.

This approach is combined with sensitive calculations of the facial proportions. Designing a hairline with respect to age is another critical factor, aging is a natural process so natural-looking hair transplantation should be in harmony with the patient’s age.

Our True Hair Line Design uses micro and macro disorders as an advantage to sustain natural-looking and facilitates the frontal-temporal transition.

True Execution

The operation day is the key milestone for a successful result in the whole transformation process. Your operation day is like a race day after a long preparation of technical details. Therefore, nothing is allowed to go wrong thanks to Smile’s highest-grade measures.

Smile’s main aim is to achieve successful operations and results and puts all efforts and resources to be an achiever and do the best.

Operational experience of individuals, operational excellence standards, and manual dexterity of experts are the qualifications that are all contained in Smile team DNA.

True Innovation

Smile Hair Clinic founders are strongly connected to the idea of seeing development as the fundamental of medicine. Smile has a perpetual passion for thriving innovation. Smile medical experts and consultants are always searching to find more effective ways to perform the most effective hair transplant operations.

Having the Sapphire Transplantation technique as a must-have for all operations is one the brightest manifestation of True Innovation. True Innovation motifs are never-ending searches for reaching excellence. All team members at Smile Hair Clinic are trained in accordance to True™ Philosophy elements and regularly tested by its success criteria.

Three elements of True Philosophy ensure that all the processes at Smile are controlled and run by higher standards than the industry authorities required.

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