Needle-Free Anesthesia

Needle-Free Anesthesia

FUE Hair Transplantation: Patients’ primary concern during surgical operations is the fear of feeling pain and soreness during the anesthesia.

Most of our patients researching FUE hair transplantation ask questions about feeling pain and how many injections will be given. Sapphire hair transplantation is performed with local anesthesia, which means that a particular area is numbed with medications given under the skin.

For patients who have a needle phobia or who are worried about the pain they will feel at this stage, perhaps the most worrying part of the operation is local anesthesia.

In recent years, local anesthesia has been applied with various methods to reduce this fear and anxiety.

How Anesthesia Applied

Sapphire hair transplant operations take approximately 6-8 hours; local anesthesia takes about 15 minutes.

Local anesthesia is applied to the patient twice for FUE hair transplantation. The first is applied to the neck area before the intake phase, and the second to the forehead before the canals are opened.

The needle-free anesthesia method, used in many developed countries worldwide, is one of the local anesthesia methods used to reduce patients’ anxiety.

It minimizes the patients’ anxiety and facilitates the physicians’ working process during FUE hair transplantation.

Needle-free anesthesia in sapphire hair transplantation is performed with advanced technology devices. Anesthetic medications are injected into the tissue by spraying them onto the skin through the high air pressure applied by the device placed on the head area.

Later, the medication spreads to the tissue through the diffusion logic, blocking the pain transmitted to nerves. The most important point that patients who prefer needle-free anesthesia in FUE hair transplantation should know is that after some numbness is given through the device, the needles will still be used for tumescent anesthesia.


Needle-free Anesthesia Is Not Pain-free Anesthesia 

It should not be forgotten that the reason for feeling pain in local anesthesia in FUE hair transplantation is the medicine rather than the technique applied. For this reason, even if needle-free anesthesia reduces pain, it is not entirely.

In scientific studies, patients who underwent anesthesia with needles and non-needle anesthesia were examined, and no difference was detected between the two methods.

While conducting research, patients should remember that needle-free anesthesia is not. Needle-free anesthesia in FUE hair transplantation is beneficial for patients with needle phobia.

Smile Hair and Needle-free Anesthesia

Unfortunately, in FUE hair transplantation, it is a fact that some pain will be felt while applying local anesthesia. The critical point is to make a particular application not in a standard way but by taking into account the reactions and needs of the individual. In contrast, the application is made on the patient.

At Smile Hair Clinic, we consider the psychological state of the patients in all the treatments we administer. We use the latest technological devices accompanied by our specialist physicians.

We carry out all operations safely with the technological devices necessary for the patients to feel comfortable at the maximum level, and we follow the latest developments in this field worldwide.

We aim to minimize patients’ pain while achieving positive results in hair transplantation. The needle-free anesthesia we apply during sapphire hair transplantation in our clinic makes the process much faster and easier.

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