Afro Hair Transplant

Afro Hair Transplant 

The procedure of afro hair transplant is known to be more complex and challenging compared to a classic hair transplant. Therefore, people who have afro hair type and suffer from hair loss tend to have second thoughts about hair transplant surgery; they can not be sure if hair transplantation works on the afro type of hair. Let us help you to clear your mind off those suspicions! Afro hair transplant is more complicated and differs from regular hair transplantations. It is because of the anatomy of the hair that afro people have. The characteristics of afro hair are coarse, curly, and kinky. The kinkiness and curliness of afro hair are not just only on the surface of the scalp but also underneath the skin! And that requires meticulous work and an experienced surgeon and surgical team.

How afro hair affects going on the surgery: 

Compared to straight hair, the afro hair type is more complex!


  •     It makes the doctor’s work more meticulous.
  •     Locating and extracting the hair roots is more tricky.

An afro hair transplant is more sensitive and takes more time to carry out the surgery.

In the procedure of afro hair transplant, there may not be a high number of grafts. Afro hair transplant may require fewer grafts to be extracted and implanted than Caucasian or Asian hair types, and it is not as dense as regular hair. However, Afro hair can look much more dense thanks to its curly texture!


Which Technique is the Best For Afro Hair Transplant?

Men with afro hair usually search about which technique they should go with on the procedure day. There are many options for hair transplant candidates. FUE hair transplant operation is one of these techniques and one of the most popular ones. It applies to all hair types; it can provide permanent and successful remedies for those with hair loss problems! However, it is always better to find what kind of hair you have and analyze it to see what treatment you should have! Remember that each patient has a distinct hair type; no one knows which method is the best before analyzing it!

Let’s see what kind of afro hair you have!

Afro Hair Types 

Curly Afro Hair

Curly afro hair type curves underneath the skin as well. It can have significant and bouncy frizz; has an “S” or “Z” shape. This voluminous type of hair is also prone to damage. Therefore, a curly afro type of hair transplant with an immense volume might be a more complicated and demanding treatment. 

 Wavy Afro Hair

Wavy afro hair is less voluminous compared to a curly afro hair type. It can be styled more quickly, and the hair transplant procedure is managed easier than curly afro hair. It is a type of hair that is easier to deal with than the curly type of afro hair. The planning and surgical approach are more straightforward.

Straight Afro Hair

If you have straight afro hair, your hair is easy to handle! Straight afro hair has no curly or wave pattern. This hair type is difficult to curl. That is why it is more resilient. It is a type of hair that is close structurally to the classic hair types (Asian, caucasian). So the planning and surgical approach are very like the regular hair type.  

Kinky (Coilly) Afro Hair

Because the kinky hair has a torsion twist – let’s say permanent twist- it is often very fragile with a high density. Kinky Afro hair that features a tightly coiled curl is more prone to damage. You should not be too worried if you have a kinky afro hair type. Yes, it has a complex texture, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot have a hair transplant operation or get a successful hair transplant! The approach is almost the same, with some technical aspects needed to handle the grafts slightly differently. An experienced team should know these points pretty well.


 Does Hair Transplant Work for Afro Hair?

There should not be any thoughts that you are not a good candidate for a hair transplant because you have afro hair. So many men with afro hair have undergone hair transplants and got good results. With the help of its leading technology, experienced surgeons, and surgical teams, Smile Hair Clinic has succeeded in afro hair transplant! No matter how curly, wavy or kinky your hair is, we have and experience and expertise to handle it!

Does FUE Work For Afro Hair?

Afro hair type (curly, wavy, or kinky hair) was a more challenging hair transplant type. Because of the hair’s anatomical variations, we used to have difficulties in extracting them during the hair transplant surgery. Fortunately, all these aspects are left behind. Thanks to advancements in an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction/Excision), hair transplant for those with afro hair has become more accessible, with better results and higher survival rates. 

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