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Sapphire Hair Transplantation

Sapphire Hair Transplantation
05 Aralık 2019

Sapphire Hair Transplantation

Micro FUE method is, in essence, the process of harvesting grafts/follicular units from the donor area, one by one, using a micromotor. There are various techniques to transfer these grafts, such as DHI or incision. In the course of time, this term has become the umbrella term for the transfer techniques performed with incision.

When hair transplant has been globally regarded as an effective solution for the hair loss and hair transplant operations have gained popularity, technological developments have been introduced to this field. State-of-the-art Sapphire blades used for the FUE hair transplant boost the success of hair transplant surgeries. In fact, micro-FUE technique is used to extract follicles, but percutaneous Sapphire technique is preferred to make incisions.

In this article, we will address common issues, like sapphire hair transplant = percutaneous sapphire technique and advantages of sapphire hair transplant, for patients who decide to have hair transplant.


Many channels are drilled/incised at the recipient zone in a hair transplant surgery. Sapphire technique is one of the most novel methods to drill/incise such channels. Sapphire hair transplant technique has emerged with the use of well-sharpened sapphire tips, which have hardness very close to that of diamond, instead of steel knives and thus, hair transplant operations have become easier. Therefore, it is possible to mention that the technique has great impact on the success of operations.


Comparing to other substance, sapphire blades cause far minimal damage to the skin, while channels are incised and standardization is ensured.

Since it allows incision of many channels, it enables transfer of grafts to achieve dense hair. Therefore, it produces fat better outcomes when applied to individuals with severe hair loss.

Recovery period is very short in the hair transplant that uses sapphire blades.

Sapphire blades enable channels to be opened at micro level. Thus, directions of angles are conserved in the channels. Since altered directions affect natural look of growing hair, it is possible to specify that this substance is one of the most important advantages offered by sapphire hair transplant.

Sapphire tips reduce the risk of tissue damage when channels are incised in a hair transplant surgery.

It is appropriate for stabilization and wound healing is faster and therefore, the risk of infection is lower comparing to some other methods.


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