About Smile Hair Clinic

 An Accelerated Journey Started by Two Perfectionists!

It all started with Dr. M. Erdogan and Dr. G. Bilgin’s passion for advancement in hair transplantation. Devoting years of experience to FUE hair transplantation techniques, two perfectionists showed their difference in hair transplantation by establishing of Smile Hair Clinic in 2018.

Since then, Smile Hair Clinic has been a global benchmark for best-in-class medical hair transplantation clinics in the region. Its reputation has been celebrated by many authorities including BBC Healthcare Tourism Documentary Series.

Smile Hair Clinic is re-located to the financial district of East Istanbul and continues its operation in its 7-floor, elegantly designed, high–tech clinic building where a team of 100+ well-trained staff is working. The quality and excellence of hair transplantation operations depend on intensive training procedures. Every team member at Smile is well-trained and tested by True™ Philosophy success criteria.

Started by doctors, being performed by doctors!

Smile’s top priority consists of three critical components: Aesthetics, an extremely natural-looking hair is one of the top pursuits at the operations; the ultimate comfort of the patient during and after the operation is ensured by numerous measures; and the total transformation of the patient, in the long run, is always closely monitored.

Smile Hair Clinic today, brings a visionary perspective to hair transplantation by handling the whole process in a holistic way. For us, it’s not just the medical operation, but a total experience starting with a total hospitality experience, going on with the operation day; starting a new chapter in the life of the patient.

Smile Hair Clinic has been a meeting point for 10.000+ gentlemen along the way where many lives have been transformed in a better way. For many, Smile is not only a medical clinic but the meeting point for enthusiastic and perfectionists.

At Smile, we believe in constant improvement, and ultimate perfectionism through advancement in research and always remaining open to innovative technologies. The future is always ahead of us with new chapters in life.



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