Breast Implant Turkey

Breast Implant Turkey

Have you ever considered getting a breast implant turkey to improve your figure and boost your confidence? But have concerns that the cost of cosmetic surgery in Europe may be too much for you? Then look no further, as Turkey has become a popular destination for those wishing to get their breasts done at an affordable price.

From seasoned professionals with years of experience under their belts to top-of-the-line clinics offering modern technology, here’s everything you need to know about the advantages of undergoing breast augmentation in this country.

Boob job Price Range Turkey Price Range Europe Price Range United Kingdom  Price Range United States
Breast Augmentation with Implants €500,00 €700,00 £1.000,00 $1.200,00
Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer €800,00 €1.000,00 £1.000,00 $1.250,00
Hybrid Breast Augmentation €930,00 €1.200,00 £1.000,00 $1.100,00

Breast augmentation, commonly called a ‘boob job,’ is an operation where silicone or saline implants are inserted into the breasts. This procedure can enlarge small breasts or restore volume lost over time due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, and aging.

What Draws People to Boob Jobs in Turkey

Over the years, Turkey has solidified its reputation not just in the realms of hair transplantation but also in a range of cosmetic surgeries, with breast augmentation or “boob jobs” leading the chart. But what exactly is it that draws thousands of individuals to Turkey for this particular procedure?

One of the foremost factors is undoubtedly the cost. In Turkey, patients can undergo top-quality breast augmentation procedures at a fraction of the price charged in Western Europe or North America. This affordability, however, doesn’t compromise the quality. Turkish clinics, including renowned establishments like Smile Hair Clinic, uphold stringent standards of care and service, ensuring that patients receive the best possible treatment.

Moreover, Turkey’s medical professionals in the cosmetic surgery field are often trained in some of the world’s most prestigious institutions. This ensures a blend of experience, expertise, and exposure to global best practices. Additionally, Turkey’s advanced medical infrastructure, with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, parallels those in leading countries in the sector.

Beyond the technical aspects, there’s the holistic appeal of Turkey itself. The idea of combining recovery with a serene vacation is certainly enticing. Whether it’s the historic allure of Istanbul, the coastal beauty of Bodrum, or the picturesque landscapes of Cappadocia, recuperation becomes a tranquil retreat.

In essence, breast augmentation in Turkey offers more than just a surgical procedure. It’s a comprehensive experience that marries world-class medical expertise with the unique charm and hospitality that Turkey is celebrated for. As with any medical journey, it’s essential to research and choose a reputable clinic, but once that’s ensured, the path to enhanced confidence and self-esteem awaits in this beautiful nation.

Affordable Costs and Skilled Professionals

Turkey offers some of the most competitive European prices regarding cosmetic surgery, making it a popular choice for those looking for an affordable option. The surgeons and medical staff have extensive experience with the latest breast augmentation techniques and technologies. 

Quality Services and Relaxed Aftercare

Clinics in Turkey using only certified implants that meet all safety regulations, ensuring high-quality results. Patients are encouraged to rest after breast augmentation surgery.

Excellent Facilities with Privacy

Many clinics offer state-of-the-art facilities and modern technologies, ensuring all procedures are conducted safely and hygienically. All patients’ medical records are kept strictly confidential, ensuring privacy. 

Language Barriers

Most medical staff speak English fluently, meaning there is no need for language lessons or translators when visiting clinics in this country. Plus, foreign patients can get airport pick-up and other assistance if needed.

By choosing to undergo breast implantation in Turkey, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are receiving expert care from experienced professionals at an affordable price. So, if you’re looking for a boob job to boost your confidence and improve your figure, Turkey is your destination.

Latest Technology Turkish Surgeons Use Boob Job Turkey

Turkish surgeons use the latest technology and techniques to deliver excellent products. This includes 3D imaging that enables precise placement of implants and Vectra Imaging, which helps patients envision their desired results before surgery.

Furthermore, they also use stem cells from fat tissue to improve breast shape and achieve natural-looking results.

Safety Measures Taken by Clinics in Turkey for Boob Job

  • Comprehensive medical screening before proceeding with the procedure 
  • Use of only certified implants that meet all safety regulations
  • Advanced technologies and techniques to reduce risks associated with surgery
  • Strict sanitization protocols during surgical procedures
  • Experienced surgeons ensure results that look natural and symmetrical
  • Sedation options for those who are feeling anxious or uncomfortable during the operation
  • Post-operative care, including follow-up visits, medication, compression garments, and massage therapy.
  • Option to purchase comprehensive insurance plans that cover post-surgery costs such as infection treatment.
  • Careful monitoring of patients in case of complications or adverse reactions.
  •  24-hour helpline to address any concerns during or after surgery.

Cost Comparison – Other Countries vs. Turkey 

Enhance your look for less with Boob Jobs in Turkey, where prices range from $2,500 to $4,500; it’s no wonder why Turkey has become a popular destination for those seeking breast augmentation.

That’s a fraction of the cost compared to the USA and UK, where you could easily pay up to $12,000 or £7,000, respectively. Opting for surgery in Turkey doesn’t mean sacrificing quality either; the country is home to world-renowned plastic surgeons trained to provide top-notch service.

Types of Breast Augmentation Procedures Available in Turkey 

Breast Augmentation

Is the most common boob job. It involves inserting implants to enlarge small breasts and to achieve a desired size and shape.

Breast Lift

Also known as mastopexy, this procedure removes excess skin or fat around the breasts and tightens them for a perky look. Also, it helps to reduce sagging and restore symmetry.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Commonly referred to as reduction mammoplasty, this surgery reduces breast size by removing fat, glands, and skin from the chest area.

Moreover, it helps treat back and neck pain and other physical ailments caused by large breasts.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation (Fat Grafting)

This technique involves transferring fat from other body parts to enhance the breasts’ shape and size. Plus, it helps achieve natural-looking results without the need for implants. When visiting Turkey for a boob job, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

Nipple Correction Surgery

This procedure corrects inverted nipples or asymmetry caused by previous surgeries. It also reshapes uneven nipples to create a more uniform look.

How is Breast Augmentation surgery done?

Analyzing medical history and the shape of your chest,

In this step, surgeons analyze the patient’s medical history and check the shape of their chest to determine which implant type will work best.

Selecting the ideal placement of implants,

The surgeon carefully selects the most suitable location for implant insertion. Also, they use 3D imaging and Vectra Imaging techniques to map out the exact placement of the implants.

Making Incisions

Incisions are made according to the breast augmentation’s desired result, size, and shape.

Additionally, the surgeon minimizes scarring and uses an anesthetic to manage discomfort.

Inserting implants

Implants are inserted through these incisions into pre-determined locations on either side of your chest muscle. And after ensuring proper placement, the surgeon closes the incisions with stitches and tape.

Checking final results

To ensure perfect results, surgeons check for symmetry between the two breasts. In addition to this, they make any necessary touch-ups to ensure the desired outcome.

Administering antibiotics and Applying a dressing and a bandage

Antibiotics are administered to prevent infection and reduce swelling. This helps to speed up the healing process. Dressing and a bandage help protect incision sites from damage or dirt. 

Providing post-operative care instructions 

Patients will be given detailed post-operative care instructions to ensure their recovery process is as smooth as possible. They will also be provided with necessary prescriptions and will be given tips on how to maintain their results.

Scheduling follow-up visits

Regular follow-up visits with your surgeon after the surgery is completed help monitor progress and address any questions you may have. Once your body has adjusted to the implants, stitches, and bandages are removed.

Providing a 4-hour helpline

To ensure the highest level of care and customer satisfaction, clinics in Turkey provide 24/7 support with a dedicated 4-hour helpline. This provides convenience and peace of mind for those who have undergone breast augmentation surgery in this country.

Benefits of Boob Job Turkey

The low-cost procedure with a High success rate

Breast augmentation in Turkey is more cost-effective than in other European countries, making it a great option for those on a budget. Clinics in this country are renowned for their high success rates and experienced surgeons. 

Use of advanced technology

Clinics use the latest advancements in 3D imaging to ensure the accurate positioning of implants with minimal scarring. Patients receive top-notch medical care with post-operative instructions and constant follow-up visits to monitor progress and ensure desired results.

Certified surgeon

The country has certified surgeons with years of experience performing cosmetic procedures with excellent results that meet modern standards. Incisions are made discreetly to minimize visible scarring and ensure a natural-looking outcome.

Safe environment and High-quality implants

All clinics adhere to strict safety regulations and sanitary guidelines to ensure patients remain safe during their procedures. The clinics use only high-quality silicone implants approved by the FDA and European regulators for reliability and safety. 

Quick recovery

Patients usually experience a quick recovery time with minimal discomfort after the surgery. Turkey has become a go-to destination for those wishing to get their breasts done at an affordable price without sacrificing quality or safety standards.

Some Drawbacks of Boob Job Turkey

A limited selection of clinics

While many clinics offer breast augmentation in this country, they may not be as reliable or experienced as in other parts of the world. Researching and finding a clinic with excellent patient satisfaction and safety record is important.

Long recovery times

Due to the lack of post-operative care, recovery time from breast augmentation surgery in Turkey can take longer than in other countries.

Limited post-operative support

Post-operative care is quite limited in Turkey, so it is important to ensure you are well-prepared for any eventuality by researching what happens after breast augmentation surgery.

Potential complications

As with all forms of surgery, there can be potential risks and complications associated with breast augmentation in Turkey, such as infection or adverse reactions to anesthetic. It is, therefore, essential to do your research when selecting a clinic and surgeon.

Potential price fluctuations

Prices for cosmetic surgeries vary from clinic to clinic and may even change throughout the year due to currency fluctuations, which must be considered when budgeting for your procedure.

So while opting for breast augmentation surgery in Turkey can be an affordable and convenient option, it’s important to consider all the potential drawbacks before making a final decision.

 Aftercare Guidelines Following Your Boob Job Turkey

  • Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully, and don’t forget to take your prescribed medications at the right time.
  • Avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting that could cause strain on your chest area while you heal.
  • Refrain from smoking during recovery, which could impede healing.
  • Wear comfortable clothing with plenty of support for a few weeks after surgery to ensure proper healing of incisions and reduce discomfort levels.
  • Get enough relaxation following surgery for optimal results and faster recovery times.
  • Start slowly with light exercises such as walking or swimming to regain strength in the chest area without putting too much strain on it.
  • Refrain from taking hot baths for a few weeks to avoid any infections that could result from the exposure of incisions to water droplets.
  • Use sunscreen whenever you go out in the sun, as UV rays can be damaging to your skin and interfere with healing times.

By following these simple precautions, you can ensure that your boob job Turkey is successful and you get the best results possible.

Tips for Ensuring a Successful Boob Job Turkey

Do your research

Before you book any procedure, thoroughly research the clinic you intend to visit and its surgeons. Check reviews and feedback from previous patients and look into their qualifications to ensure they have enough experience in breast surgery.

Get a consultation

Once you’ve chosen your surgeon, it’s time to arrange a consultation. At this stage, you can discuss your desired results and any risks involved in the procedure. You must know potential complications that could arise during or after your breast surgery.

Ask questions

During the consultation, it’s important to be open and ask as many questions as possible to feel confident about your decision. Please learn about the clinic’s safety protocols and any guarantees they offer in case of complications or unexpected results.

Follow pre-op instructions

Before your surgery, you’ll be instructed to prepare for the procedure. Follow these carefully and ensure that any specified medications are taken correctly and at the right times.

Take time off from work

After the procedure, taking time off from work is important for your body to heal properly. Depending on your job requirements, this could range from a few days to several weeks.

Stay away from strenuous activities

Avoiding strenuous activities such as excessive exercise, lifting heavy objects, or doing household chores is also important. These could cause strain on your body and delay the healing process.

Follow post-op instructions

Finally, be sure to follow all post-operative instructions your surgeon gave. These will help you recover quickly and maintain your new figure for years.

By following these tips, you can maximize the chances of achieving a successful boob job Turkey without sacrificing safety or quality.


Can you breastfeed with implants?

Yes, it is possible to breastfeed with implants. However, some women may find that the sensation and letdown process are decreased post-surgery. Discuss this possibility with your doctor if you plan on having children.

What makes Turkey an attractive destination for breast augmentation?

Turkey has become a popular destination for those seeking a boob job due to its affordability, accessibility, and quality of care. The country boasts some of the best plastic surgeons in Europe, offering excellent services at prices often much lower than you would pay back home.

What is a mini boob job?

A mini boob job, or reduced scar breast augmentation, is a procedure that uses smaller implants and incisions to achieve results. This procedure is especially popular with those seeking subtle changes to their figure while maintaining natural-looking breasts.

Is the cost of breast augmentation in Turkey reasonable?

Yes! Breast augmentation in Turkey is extremely affordable compared to other countries in Europe. Depending on where you go, you could save up to 50-70% on the cost of breast augmentation in Turkey compared to other countries.

What is the recovery time after a boob job Turkey?

The amount of time needed for recovery can vary depending on the type of procedure you undergo. But you should take at least two weeks off from work or strenuous physical activity. Your doctor will provide detailed instructions about what activities are safe for you during your recovery, so follow their advice closely.

Are there any side effects associated with breast augmentation surgery?

As with any medical procedure, there are risks involved with getting a boob job Turkey. Common side effects may include swelling, bruising, numbness, and pain in the chest area. However, these should subside over time, and your doctor can discuss more specific risks associated with the procedure before you decide to proceed.


Breast augmentation in Turkey can be a great option for those looking to improve their figure and boost their confidence at an affordable price. This choice could be perfect with experienced professionals, modern clinics, and reasonable costs. Be sure to do ample research on local surgeons and clinics before deciding so that you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible care available.

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