Why To Choose Smile Hair Clinic?

Transformation starts here!

Aesthetics is our inner sense of perfection. The hair frames our image and a well-groomed image boosts our self-confidence. Today’s men are in the need of looking and feeling their best. Smile Hair Clinic’s best-in-class medical procedures and techniques combined with a gentle touch of hospitality heritage assure a natural-looking and successful hair transplantation.,

In the leadership of two globally recognized Doctors (we call them the Perfectionists), Smile Hair Clinic exists to transform men’s appearance, so that men feel way more confident and start a new, fulfilling chapter in their lives.

Smile Hair Clinic, performs the highest-grade standards in hair transplantation operations and that is reflected by ensuring the Sapphire FUE Transplantation technique is a must-have standard in all operations. This is a clear manifestation of Smile Hair Clinic which is established by Medical Doctors, and operations are strictly performed by medical doctors and medical team.

Transforming you to a True Gentleman

At Smile, we believe that hair transplantation is only the first step to transforming into a True Gentleman. Smile Hair Clinic not only performs the highest grade medical hair transplant operations but also transforms men into their best version. At Smile, we define this as being a True Gentleman. A True Gentleman shines among the crowd with his grooming, style, and hobbies. A True Gentleman lives a classy, active, and admired life where he gains the attraction of others. Today, Smile has a community of 10.000+ men who enjoyed a True Transformation in their life. When you visit the clinic, you will meet like-minded gentlemen coming from all over Europe and other


Medical Superiority of Our Approach & Techniques

The aesthetics are our inner sense of perfection, at Smile Hair Clinic we believe perfection is always sustained by up-to-date scientific advancements. A combination of art and science in our approach grants the best results that we have achieved over the last years.

Extraction of correct grafts from the donor area is the first and key step in our techniques. Because, thanks to our True Planning technique, we determine the exact number of grafts needed and select them carefully and avoid overharvesting. A common myth in transplantation is that extracting a higher number of grafts from the donor areas does mean that the operation will result in success, that’s wrong. The key principle here is planning the ability to select the correct grafts from the donor area in the first place. With True planning, we also secure that your donor area stays resourceful if you need another transplantation operation in the long run. During our extraction process, we always monitor the fractal rates to ensure that extracted graft is high quality and healthy.

Another key step is planning the transplantation area, by arranging single, double, and triple grafts to sustain the natural and thick look. In the light of scientific studies, it’s unnecessary to transplant high numbers in specific areas. Therefore, planning correct angles, and planting correct grafts in certain areas are much more effective than just trying to transplant a high number of grafts.

Considering that every patient has a different type of facial structure and different colored skin, it’s essential to conduct planning with respect to the patient’s facial features. At this step, the parameters of the canals are essential for success. These parameters are direction, angle, and the depth of the canal. These parameters should be incorrect in harmony with patients’ existing hair. Determining the correct depth of the canal results in a healthy growing new hair.

Hair Transplantation Surgery is an art of illusion, it’s all about sustaining a natural look, transitions, and correct shadows. We combine this art with scientific physics and mathematics.

Highest Grade Medical Operation Standards

Smile Hair Clinic stands for the patient’s benefit first, therefore Smile never promises surrealistic results in advance and never creates an unreachable expectation. Instead, Smile Hair Clinic practitioners are there in order to understand the expectation of the patient and find out solutions in the best way possible. Smile Hair Clinic puts no other success criteria prior to the natural look of the hair. Please keep in mind that there are numerous factors affecting the hair transplant operation out there. Smile Hair Clinic cares about your health and is prepared for all possible complications. Periodically, the entire team receives recurrent training on emergency life support, according to AHA (American Heart Association) guidelines

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