Yes, of course. Unfortunately hair loss is seen in around 50 to 65 of the males and around 40 to 45 percent of the females across their lifetime. In some patients with advanced stage of the hair loss, it can be also performed on females. Actually, in our clinic, roughly 10 of the patients who are admitted for the hair transfer surgery are females.

We decided individually according to the each patient because hair transfer surgery is an aesthetic procedure everyone's expectations of the vision of how they should look differs. So we decided on individual basis.bBut there is a very widely accepted rule that to be eligible for the hair transfer surgery you should be at least at no root time at a scale to and above.

In the hair transplant surgery we want patients to be awake normally. It could be also done under a mild sedation or some local some general anesthetic but we do not recommend that too much because it's a cosmetic procedure and it's a bearable process. So, just some tablets before the surgery as anxiety will be just enough for patients all day because it's a simple procedure and it's not something that you concerned or afraid. But, most of the patients are sometimes think that's a huge process or huge surgery actually it's not inspirable and the pain is really tolerant.

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure like all other surgeries. It has some risks but it's very low. What could be the reason we are using during the surgery some local anaesthetics or some medications. If the patient has allergy or anaphylaxis any kind of the medication that we are using, that may create some troubles during the operation. But if if it's done by a proper team, a doctor and a good clinic with its emergency equipment within few minutes, it could be prevented and it could be resolved; it will be recovered.Other than that patients may sometimes lose more blood during the operation that may lead some shock after the operation or during the operation. But it's also could be prevented by a good medical team that's why we recommend patients to be have their surgeries in good clinics with emergency service equipment and also some emergency certificates that the team has and in Smile Hair Clinic we have all these kind of American Heart Association certifications repeated regularly every two years and also emergency service and we check we monitorize patients during the surgery.

In operation day, a doctor will give you consultation and you will decide the hairline and zones that the surgery will be performed. So, yes you can. I know that it's not a cancer surgery, so, of course, we have to listen your wishes, your wills but also please keep in mind that sometimes we know a little bit better and please listen our advices too. If the hairline you want is good for you, we will of course perform surgery as it is.

We do not want patients to drink alcor at least few days. The reason behind that is the alcohol sometimes lead patients vascular condition to have more bleeding during the surgery. That's why we want patients not to drink alcohols at least 3 to 5 days before the surgery. So, in the operation, it could be much more better condition.

First of all, you need to get in contact with our clinic, send us the preliminary pictures we ask, so we can do preliminary evaluation of your case and after that schedule face-to-face or online consultation.

It takes three to four hours to perform an eyebrow transplant.

Consultations face-to-face consulting the in the clinic or before the surgery. The consultation we perform with the patients is very individual. It differs according to their individual needs, the questions they may have and other aspects of the surgery. We cannot give an exact time because everyone's needs are different. But, on average, our face-to-face consultations may last from 20 up to the 40 minutes. Online consultations may take a little bit longer because most of the patients we talk online are far away from us. So, they want to make sure they get answered to all their questions. Before the surgery we have a preoperative consultation with the patient, it may last around 15 to 30 minutes more if it is be needed.

Actually this change according to your scalp size. For example, with 5000 grafts, sometimes we can't just cover the 60%of a person because actually his head is really big and sometimes with 4000 grafts we can cover the full hat so it really changed from person to person. So the most important thing here is to check your donor zone's density. Because the grafts numbers the sum of your donor zone surface multiplying the density of it, so, in the end ,if you have a bigger donor zone, you have a bigger recipient zone. So the high graft number does not always means that you will have a great result.

Patients risks is calculated just prior to the surgery. According to the frontal mid scalp and crown area size and area calculation multiplying with the right density according to the patient's hair thickness, hair single or multiple ratio, we we calculated it. But, for an average patient if in order to get a full density patient may need up to 10.000or 13.000 grafts in total. But in the hair transplantation, of course it's not possible in one session and we try to get as much as we can from starting from front to reaching up to the crown in every session in order to give the right density.

You can notice some people had hair transplant when you see them in crowd . Actually you shouldn't understand that you shouldn't realize that the most important thing for us to give a natural look with a maximum density. So a hair transplant should not be realized by other persons. If you realize that somebody had a hair transplant, it's a bad hair transplant.

Most of the time we're required to have a full shave during the hair transplant surgery. Because it gives us a more open angles and to see the areas that can be mastered with the long hair.

We ask our patients not to cut their hair before they arrive because we want to mark the areas where the transfer should be carried out and we can see more properly the affected zones. So, please before arrival, don't have your hair cut we will perform this procedure here ourselves.

First of all, make sure that you know the clinic and the doctor or physician you entrust your hair to. Because the connection between the patient and the doctor is the first the most important step that will make you feel comfortable. Because you are going to entrust and give us the permission to take the knife to your head. So to make it easier to go talk to the doctor, ask all the necessary questions and make sure you are making a good decision. If you feel too anxious before the surgery, we can admit you or give you some anxiolytic medications as well.

Our surgeons magnifying ___ to see the scalp clearly. So, we see exactly where we do the incision. So, we do not harm the existing hair roots and cells. If we do that, you will lose the existing hair. So, it would be pointless to perform a hair transplant sometimes.

Before the surgery, if you feel yourself nervous uncomfortable or anxious, we provide you with some extra medications to relieve this anxiety. We help you with this one.

Actually, it depends on few different factors. After we see the extracted grafts with the caliber of the graft which means the thickness of the graft multiple single ratio and the graft number. So, each patient may need different density in different areas. But for a desire for a standard thing we usually do not want to exceed 50 or 55 full kilo units per centimeter square in the frontal area and 30 or 35 full kilos for the crown area. It may be different for each patient of course. But, more than these usage in the in the frontal area or in the crown area it may be resulted as non-necessary grafts extraction. So, we want something very useful for the patient's need.

Long hair FUE is a surgery performed without the shaving or cutting the full length of the hair.

It is the same with the hair transplant. You can use FUT or FUE for the beard transplant. We like to perform a few surgeries so for the beard transplant we you we use a few emitted.

The optimal donor area for us is the back side of the head. We also call this area a safe donor zone because the grafts or hair in this area they're resistant to the effects of dehydrated testosterone most of the time. So, after the extraction and implantation they don't shed off all the time.

Unshaven hair transfer surgery is the technique during which the recipient side is not shaved. There is a big misconception. When the patients think that in unshaving hair transplant surgery, none area or no area of the recipient or donor area is shaved. Not all of the time the donor area should be shaved for the appropriate extraction of the graft . The receipt inside may be capped and we do the incisions in between the existing hair that's why every once in a while it's called an unshaven but it's not a completely unshaven procedure

Most of the times we use a short acting anesthetics and a long-acting anesthetics. We use Xylocaine Marcaine or Bupivacain. In order to enhance their time of the work or effect we adjusted with diluted solution of adrenal.

When you look in the mirror if you think that you would look much more beautiful and you if you think that your look would improve and if you are not happy with your outlook and when you you are disturbed when you see your photos then it's time for you to get a hair transplant. We sometimes perform hair transplant for the kids with burns and scars for from the accidents. But when you are over 18 years old age, you can get a hair transplant when you want.

Some laboratory tests may be evaluated before the surgery. It would be better for patients condition. But of course, if it's a total bald area and if we have to implant that area, we don't need so much things to investigate. But if it is a diffuse thinning, if the hairs are becoming thinner, patients may be evaluated by a dermatologist or if we can have the consultation before the surgery, we may advise patients to take some laboratory tests just pre-order the surgery because it will give us a combination treatment after the surgery.

Not all the patients with the hair loss or with the hair loss problems may be a candidate for the hair transfer surgery. Patients who are on chemotherapy or radiotherapy the patients with some autoimmune diseases or the reasons that are apart from androgenetic alopecia, for example, the patients with the alopecia areata, or the patients whose hair loss is due to the dietary factors the first treatment plan for them is to treat an underlying condition and only after that decide for the hair transplant surgery.

If a person is curly, of course transplanted hair will be curly. On the other hand, if a graft is damaged or stressed more than, it should be during the transplantation the outcome will be curly and sometimes it's called kinky hair. So, no, the transplanted hair will not be curly if the person is not curly.

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