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John Travolta Hair Transplantation

John Travolta Hair Transplantation
20 Eylül 2020

Hair transplantation is highly developed and easily applied in many parts of the world and in our country. Hair transplantation is an express solution for hair loss experienced by many men or women in later years. However, the procedure should be carried out in a good and high quality center or clinic. Apart from being an aesthetic procedure, the application is a surgical intervention. Therefore, it should be done by a specialist doctor and his team. Otherwise, unsuccessful results can be achieved. It is very important to be experienced and practice care when collecting hair follicles to be transplanted. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful in the selection of the relevant center and doctor.

The 66-year-old famous actor John Travolta, who had a hair transplantation procedure, benefited from the procedure as a remedy for the continuing and increasing problem of hair loss that started in his 50s. The actor decided on the hair transplantation method with the specialist doctor and had the procedure done. After the procedure, it regained its old hair. Thus, the problem of hair loss has been completely eliminated. He continues to live with the same healthy hair for years.

Hair Transplantation Techniques

Hair transplantation is applied in different ways like all other medical procedures. Doctors and practitioners work with these procedures. In particular, people who work for more learn new techniques and practice the procedures on more people. The following hair transplantation techniques can be mentioned:

FUT Technique: This is the oldest and classic hair transplant method. It is a hair application in the form of strips. Hair is collected from the nape one by one and transplanted in the form of a strip to the area with hair loss. After the necessary procedure in this area, the hair starts to grow spontaneously after a maximum of 3 months. Thus, the final solution to the problem of baldness is achieved.

-FUE Technique: Unlike the classical method, the FUE technique is used for individual hair transplantation instead of strips. There is no incision or pain. It leaves no traces. However, it should be known that the number of root transplantations performed in a session is less than with the Fut technique. The roots are taken one by one from the nape of the neck and added one by one. Subsequently the follicles are placed one by one into the balding part. It is necessary to be careful and attentive in this placement process. At the same time, it requires experience to make sure of the direction of the relevant hair.


-DHI Technique: The DHI technique is also called the unshaven hair transplantation method. It is the latest technology and the newest hair transplantation technique. It has a rapid recovery period. For this reason, it is frequently preferred today. The DHI hair transplantation technique is a laborious procedure that takes a long time.

In the DHI technique, no pain is felt, but local anesthesia can be applied if the patient prefers. It is the hair transplantation method with the most successful results. Although the cost in general is high, many people have overcome hair loss with the DHI technique. As the final solution, this method is the easiest and simplest hair transplantation technique. The technique is applied as a surgical procedure in many centers, clinics and hospitals.


Things to Consider Before Hair Transplantation

Since hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, a very careful selection should be made. The clinic and hospital should be chosen for hair transplantation.


– Hygiene conditions should be examined,

– The experience of the employees in the relevant place should be paid attention to as well as the expertise of the doctor,

– Selecting the correct procedure and the correct hospital will have a positive effect on the success of the application. All personnel who will be involved in the hair transplantation process must be attentive and careful. A good result with a correct hair transplantation is indicated by rapid bleeding. The success rate of results increases after this application.

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