Elon Musk Hair Transplant

Elon Musk Hair Transplant

Elon Musk Before and After Hair Transplant

Today there is almost no one who has not heard of Elon Musk and the PayPal, Space X, and TESLA brands he created. The genius and mischievous Elon Musk, whose next step is eagerly being followed by the whole world, can be considered one of the 10 most influential persons of the century.

Everything that today’s superhero is interested in, with his humorous, critical posts on social media and beautiful girlfriends, as well as the innovations he brought to the world of science and business, turns into gold.

But is it true that our hero has had a hair transplant? We will review it with photos for you.

The Story of Elon Musk and His Hair

When we look at the childhood and youth photos of Elon Musk, whose facial features and charm are almost the same as today, we can see how the thick hair suits his face. However, at the end of adolescence, the thinning of the hair falling on the forehead can be easily noticed, even if there was no shedding.

Our young genius, who started to lose hair at the beginning of his twenties and then thinned and lost the front line of his hair, presents with severe hair loss at 29. (Year 2000)

Why did Elon Musk lose his hair?

The male body begins to produce testosterone while still in the womb, and this production continues until the end of life. During adolescence, the testosterone hormone is converted into a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase.

While DHT increases the hair growth of the body, it is responsible for the shedding of the hair in the hairy area. This type of hair loss is called Male Pattern Hair Loss and Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA).

Since there is no DHT receptor in the hair located in a specific area at the back, the hair here does not fall out. For this reason, the hair in this area is used as a donor in hair transplantation.

Even if you are a super tech genius, you can resist to a certain point against genetics. So what did the successful entrepreneur who lost his hairdo do? Did he develop a cure for baldness and keep it to himself? Frankly, we don’t think the answer is yes.

We are sure that Elon Musk, a marketing guru, would let the whole world know about a method to regrow non-existent hair. But he still did not give up. Of course, he chooses hair transplantation, the most effective method to bring back hair today.

Elon Musk and Hair Transplant

Our businessperson was 32 years old in 2003 and had his first hair transplant. Before Elon’s first hair transplant, there was Norwood 4-Norwood 5-degree hair loss. It is rational to recommend a two-stage operation for patients with this degree of hair loss.

When the image seen after this operation is examined, we can see that the transplanted hair number was not very high, and the density was kept low. The skin can be easily distinguished from the hair in the front line that makes up the hairline, and the thin hair structure stands out.

When the Smile Hair Clinic doctors examined these photographs, they concluded that approximately 30 grafts were transplanted per cm2. Hair transplantation at this density may be intended to protect the donor area.

However, this method can be chosen by the hair transplant surgeon in operations where there is not enough donor area. Unfortunately, we do not know whether the surgeon suggested this intensity or Elon himself requested it. Nevertheless, we can accept that he changes back into his good old days even with this low-density result.

When we examine the photos of the famous CEO, who turned 40 in 2012, we can see that he is not only interested in science but also focuses on his social life. The front line of her hair has come down, the sides of the previously empty front line are filled.

Look Closer at Elon  Musk’s Hair Transplant

When we examine the hair on the sides and front of Elon Musk, who has a tight hairline now, we can quickly notice that the volume of his newly transplanted hair, which cannot be damaged by testosterone, is much higher.

Examining the photos, Smile Hair Clinic doctors estimate that 50-55 grafts per cm2 were transplanted this time. Examining the photos, Smile Hair Clinic doctors estimate that 50-55 grafts per cm2 were placed this time.

Although we think the hairline has gotten a little tighter over the years, our hair transplant surgeons, who review the photos, are not entirely sure about the third or fourth transplant. Yet they do not see a significant decrease in the density of the donor site.

Which method was used in Elon Musk’s hair transplantation?

Although we will never know exactly how many sessions and hair transplantation methods, we are sure that he had at least one FUT session. While some photos show a distinct FUT scar, this scar is not very noticeable in recent photos. This makes us think that he has had a micro-pigmentation operation.

Most likely, FUE was performed in the first session of less-density transplantation, and FUT was performed to preserve the remaining density in the donor area. Would Elon Musk have had FUT if he knew it would leave such a large scar? Did Elon Musk choose the FUT method himself? We will not know the answers to these questions anytime soon.


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