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DHI Hair Transplant Turkey(Direct Hair Implant)

DHI Hair Transplant Turkey(Direct Hair Implant)
02 Aralık 2019

What is DHI Hair Transplantation?

DHI Hair Transplantation is a specific implantation method which is done by using an implanter pen injector. The implantation is done after extracting and sorting suitable grafts from donor areas and implanting them in the requested receptor area. This method is one of the most researched transplantation methods by individuals who are interested in having the procedure done today. A graft, in medical terminology, is healthy tissue extracted from an appropriate part of the patients body to be implanted in the area of need.  Hair transplantation grafts contain the entire healthy hair follicle or multiple follicles which are transplanted directly into the relevant receptor area. This method of extraction is not a newly developed technique. It is typically imposed on potential patients by marketing teams and sales representatives in many clinics due to its higher cost.

How is DHI Hair Transplantation done?

DHI hair transplantation is carried out in Smile Hair Clinic by transferring grafts extracted with the FUE, Follicular unit extraction technique to the area desired to be transplanted using a special pen implanter pen. In other methods, grooves are incised into the skin with various tools after the grafts are taken after which the grafts are placed in these grooves. In DHI hair transplantation, grooves are not opened, the transplantation process is completed by sliding the graft into the skin after the tip of the pen in which the graft is located penetrates the skin.

The hair transplantation process can be divided into two main stages: collection and transplantation with this technique. This procedure consists of placing grafts collected by FUE or FUT extraction techniques with special devices also applied in other methods in the area to be transplanted. In this application, also known as the “Pen Technique”, special equipment / pens with special fine tips are used to transfer grafts directly to the skin one by one and pressed. This procedure, which is performed under local anesthesia, takes longer than other hair transplantation techniques, therefore the number of grafts that can be transferred is limited. However, the fact that the hair in the area to be transplanted can be done without incisions, offers a special advantage for those who worry about their appearance after hair transplantation due to their jobs, social status and / or different reasons. It is not a newly developed technique that can be seen as a savior as it is imposed by the sales representatives of many clinics because of marketing strategy and its high costs; these pens started to be used in 1999 and have been developed and used since then. On the contrary, much better methods have been developed since the DHI hair transplantation technique.

Although it is not a suitable method for every patient, the person’s suitability for hair transplantation with the DHI hair transplant technique is determined after a detailed medical history examination by a doctor. Appropriate patient selection for this technique is very important.  Its application to patients who will need higher number of grafts causes the procedure to last for very long hours, therefore, the quality of the grafts that remain in the open for a long time lose their quality completely or partially.

Who is a suitable candidate for DHI Hair Transplantation?

DHI hair transplantation can be applied to anyone who wants to have a hair transplantation. Patients who want to have a transplantation without shaving can consider the DHI technique as a priority. In hair transplantation with other techniques, higher graft numbers can be used. The number of grafts that the patient will need should be taken into consideration when contemplating DHI for patients and the decision should be made with the surgeon who will perform the procedure. Although clinics specializing on DHI hair transplantation count the advantages of this method, there is no significant difference between this method and other methods. Choosing a clinic that will provide you consultation throughout the entire process and after your procedure is the most important factor when deciding about hair transplantation.

What are the Pros and Cons of DHI Hair Transplantation?

– There is less bleeding in DHI hair transplantation compared to methods using groove opening transplantation methods.

-Grafts are less traumatized, therefore their survival rate increases.

-The procedure is readily applicable to people who want a transplantation without shaving.

-Wound healing occurs a few days earlier after transplantation.

-It is easier to angle and direct hair.

-If more than 3000 grafts are to be transferred, other methods will give more successful results.

– Although many sources state that a fuller transplantation can be achieved with DHI hair transplantation, our surgeons can easily achieve the same fullness with Sapphire hair transplantation at Smile Hair Clinic.

-DHI transplantation is more costly since special materials are used.

DHI hair Transplantation Price

The DHI hair transplantation procedure varies according to the clinic or hospital where it is applied. Although this method is not the latest technology transplantation method due to its long duration and high labor, transplantation fees remain quite high compared to other methods. Although sometimes these high prices convince patients that they are getting the best method, today it is possible to buy much better methods at much better prices.

Best DHI Hair Transplantation Centers

The most important thing a person should do is research the resume of the physician who will perform this operation before deciding on the best DHI hair transplant centers. It is very important to choose a surgeon who is an expert in his field. A meticulous study needs to be done in this regard. After getting information about the physician, another important issue will be patient comments. The patients’ comments about a clinic and the patient’s satisfaction with both the physician and the service offered by the clinic in general mean that you are one step closer to selecting the right clinic.

FUE Hair Transplant


Smile Hair Clinic promises realistic results to the patient. Patients are not mislead about the number of grafts and the result to be obtained. The hair transplantation is planned by the physicians before the procedure. Although the procedure is an aesthetic operation and what you want is important, it would be a good choice to consider your doctor’s recommendations. One of the most important points in the planning phase is the realization of the hair transplantation planning, which is achieved by evaluating the neck, head, face, forehead area of the patient and examining the hair follicles, and explain all the possible results that the patient can encounter no matter what, and establish realistic expectations. Otherwise, individuals will feel deceived and disappointed. To avoid this, it is always best to seek professional support from clinics you believe you can trust. DHI is a hair transplantation technique that requires precise work and takes time.  First of all, it is necessary to determine the suitability of individuals for this procedure. Therefore, it is important that the physicians who will perform the procedure are experts in their fields and experienced in this application. Professional physicians at Smile Hair take care of the patients from the beginning to the end of the process and keep the patient informed in detail. Successful results have been obtained from thousands of procedures performed to date and patients have been sent home happily.

Please visit the link provided below to learn more about the DHI hair transplantation technique and to get hair transplantation service with the most suitable method.


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