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DHI Hair Transplant Turkey(Direct Hair Implant)

DHI (DIRECT HAIR IMPLANT) DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

Grafts harvested from the donor area, where hair follicles are found (In medical terminology; graft implies any tissue or organ obtained from a part of the patient’s body or a donor and transferred to another part of the body or another person, namely recipient) can be directly transplanted to the recipient area with DHI technique. For this procedure that is also called “Pen Technique – Pen Implanter”, special equipment is used that have very thin needles and transfer the graft directly into the skin, when the push mechanism is pressed. This operation is performed under local anesthesia and it requires longer time compared to other operations. However, the ability to transplant hair without any need to cut the hair at the recipient zone is an advantage for people who have concerns about how they will look after the hair transplant surgery. It is not a novel or rescuer technique on the contrary to the claims imposed by many clinics. Not all patients are good candidates for this technique. Detailed medical history of the person is reviewed by the doctor in order to determine the eligibility for hair transplant with DHI technique. Patient selection is extremely important for this technique.


It is not necessary to cut the hair at the recipient site and there so, this method is preferred by the patient’s who prioritize their look in postoperative period.

Grafts are exposed to less trauma and thus, the ability of survival is increased.

The blood loss is less.


Smile Hair Clinic promises realistic results to the patients. Patients are not deceived regarding the amount of grafts and expected results. Hair transplant surgery is planned by physicians before the operation is actually carried out. Even though the procedure is an aesthetic operation and your requests are prioritized, it is better to consider your physician’s advices. More importantly, head, back of the head, face and forehead are assessed, hair follicles are examined, hair transplant is planned and the patient is informed about all possible consequences in an understandable manner in order to make the patient have realistic expectations. Otherwise, individuals feel themselves deceived and disappointed. To avoid such outcomes, the best option is to receive clinical support from professional and trustworthy clinics.

DHI is a hair transplant technique, which requires sensitive work and long-duration surgeries. First, it is necessary to determine whether the patient is eligible for this technique. Therefore, it is very important that physicians who are in charge of the surgery are experienced in relevant fields and this procedure, which includes cutting-edge technology. Professional physicians of Smile Hair deal with patients personally throughout the entire process and provide detailed information regarding the procedure. Moreover, they provide guaranteed success rates for the patients. Successful results are created in thousands of operations performed to date and every patient returned home happy.


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