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Zak Hardaker Fue Hair Transplantation

Zak Hardaker Fue Hair Transplantation
14 Ocak 2021

Zak Hardaker Fue Hair Transplantation, the famous rugby player, recently had a fue hair transplantation and decided to share his experience with his fans via an Instagram video. The celebrity says eventhough he is only 29 years old, shaved his hair in lockdown period and did not grow back. Zak Hardaker stated he was comfortable for a couple of weeks, then he understood what is lost, and did not like his appearance in the mirror and decided to have FUE hair transplantation.

Zak Hardaker Fue Hair Transplantation
Famous rugby player states local anaesthesia is the hardest part of the operation, after local anaesthesia, he was completely comfortable and had no pain during the procedure. He watched tv-series and enjoyed himself while having a FUE hair transplant.

He had 2800 follicular units transferred, and he was informed most of them had double or triple hair follicles. Zak Hardaker spent 5000 GBP for his 2800 grafts hair transplant in London. Istanbul, Turkey, is the capital of hair transplantation for many years. Turkey’s famous hair transplantation clinics offer much lower prices with higher quality for the rest of the World. They include airport transfers and accommodation in 5 stars hotels included their all-inclusive packages. Before the covid-19 outbreak, Turkey had around 1.000.000 patients travelling from other countries for hair transplantation. It may be a question mark for you to have why lower prices with higher quality. The reason is the low labour costs in Turkey. Low labour costs became an advantage for Turkey’s Worldwide famous hair transplant clinics, and they are dominating the hair transplantation field for many years.

Zak Hardaker Hair Transplant

Have your FUE Hair Transplantation at Smile Hair Clinic

Smile Hair Clinic is one of the most experienced and renowned hair transplant Istanbul clinics. The clinic was founded in 2018 by Dr Mehmet Erdoğan and Dr Gökay Bilgin. Two surgeons have been working in the hair restoration field for many years, experienced in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and sapphire hair transplantation.

The clinic is focused on patient satisfaction and the best possible result with individual planning for every patient.

Why should I Choose Smile Hair Clinic For My Hair Transplant?

Smile Hair Clinic has proven its quality with thousands of satisfied patients all over the World. People who research having hair transplantation must always check previous patients experience. Smile Hair Clinic has an outstanding Trust Pilot rating which is 4.9 over 5.

The clinic has its policy for sterilization, which you will be checked as the first step choosing a clinic. Every operation room is sterilized with unique solutions, and ultraviolet lights are open for all night to be sure no germ left.

When you arrive clinic in the morning of the procedure, you have a detailed briefing from doctors about the operation and every step, so you don’t wander all day what is going to happen next. In the operation rooms, doctors plan your transplant individually and discuss with you what is the best option for you. Every step of the operation is details recorded in your medical file, so the clinic is sure you will have the excellent result. Your vital signs are monitored periodically and checked by our surgeons. Smile Hair Clinic’s team also have medical emergency training every month.

Smile Hair Clinic uses high-tech sapphire blades for incisions as standard. This technology fastens the healing process and guarantees the best possible result.

If you compare Smile Hair Clinic’s packages cost with the United Kingdom, you will see a huge difference. The reason for this difference is not quality only the low labour costs, as we stated. You can be sure you will have a high-quality service and fantastic results.

You will never lose contact with Smile Hair Clinic. Our expert staff will contact for every question and back you up during all your journey.

Smile Hair Clinic Packages

Smile Hair Clinic offers all-inclusive packages, and these packages include transfers and accommodation. You can plan your journey as you want. For example, you may choose a 4-star hotel for lower cost and enjoy yourself in a 5-star hotel.

When yoıu contact Smile Hair Clinic case managers inform you with every single detail, you should know.

Smile Hair Clinic also offers beard and eyebrow transplantations.

Smile Hair Transplant Clinic Istanbul Hair Transplantation, Hair Restoration Surgery, Hair Transplant , FUE has 4.86 out of 5 stars 255 Reviews on