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Elton John’s Hair Transplantation

Elton John’s Hair Transplantation
19 Eylül 2020

It is a known fact that hair sheds for many reasons over time. Hair loss occurs as a result of  genetic factors, medications used, menopause, pregnancy, vitamin deficiency. At the same time, hair loss is quite common in men in their 50s. The wear and tear that occurs in hair and the fatigue of the years causes hair loss in certain areas.

People are affected both psychologically and in appearance when hair loss occurs. The impact is also seen in famous names like Elton John. Celebrities have taken advantage of the transplantation methods. Today, the most preferred method by celebrities is the DHI method. It is the most advanced method. The hair transplantation procedure is applied painlessly with this method. Therefore, it is the most commonly used technique. Its technical content does not include shaving. This method of hair transplantation enables the return of the former appearance of full and strong hair.

How is Hair Transplantation done?

Hair transplantation is done with different methods in terms of content. Although FUT is the oldest method, it is used the most often. The method is comprised of the addition of hair follicles in the form of strips to bald areas. The added hair follicles are placed in rows. In this placement process, the direction of the hair should be taken into consideration.

The most suitable hair technique for the person concerned is selected by the specialist doctor in the hair transplantation process. The necessary preparations are made according to this selection. Subsequently, hair follicles are collected one by one with a special technique from the nape where the hair follicles are usually the strongest and least shed. The specialist doctor and team do this with the utmost care. It is vital that the collected hair follicles are not damaged.

The necessary hair follicles are added to the relevant area one by one during hair transplantation. During the insertion, the person does not feel pain or discomfort. However, if desired, local anesthesia can be applied. This is very important for the individual to relax. Hair transplantation is completed with the transplantation process. After the relevant session, the doctor prohibits hair washing. The relevant washing should be done by the team of the doctor in question. Within a few weeks after hair transplantation, the hair will fall out. This shedding is quite normal. Subsequently, after a month, the hair takes shape as before. Care and hair direction in collecting the follicles are very important in the success of a hair transplantation.

Why does Hair Loss occur?

The need for hair transplantation occurs as a result of hair loss. Hair loss starts in places and spreads to the whole area. There are many factors involved in this. Hair loss affects many people. Therefore, hair transplantation is applied. Hair loss is caused by:

– Aging and a stressful life,



-Psychological reasons,

-Side effects of the drugs used,

-Vitamin D deficiency,

-The effect of serious diseases,

– Genetic factors. All of these factors vary according to the person. Hair is also lost because it is worn out due to hormonal reasons. Furthermore, it is necessary to know the cause of hair loss before hair transplantation.

Hair Transplantation Methods

Today, many different techniques are used in hair transplantation. These techniques vary according to the choice of the specialist doctor and the cost. Each individual should prefer techniques according to their budget. If the relevant technique is appropriate for the person, the chance of success will increase.

FUT, FUE and DHI are hair transplantation methods. The purpose is the same in every method. Strong hair follicles are taken from the nape of the neck to areas where hair loss has incurred. However, if there is no hair in the neck area, chest hair is also used.

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