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Sean Penn’s Hair Transplantation

Sean Penn’s Hair Transplantation
22 Eylül 2020

Nowadays, hair transplantation is applied as the definite solution for baldness and occasional hair loss. Hair loss can be caused by individuals’ general lifestyles, stressful living conditions, illnesses, vitamin D deficiency, side effects of used medication and genetic factors. This is why the problem of baldness in men usually ends with hair transplantation. This procedure is generally done with two different techniques.

Sean Penn has also taken advantage of the hair transplantation procedure applied by many men and chosen as a method of eliminating baldness. The actor eliminated his visual as well as his psychological discomfort and attained his former full head of hairy and charismatic appearance. Sean Penn, who was born in 1960, had a hair transplantation to remedy his receding hairline which started in his 50s and increased over time. The famous actor who has been very happy to regain his former state recommends the procedure to everyone.


What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the process of collecting of hair one by one from the nape area where hair is dense, or from other areas of the body with hair with robust roots, and placing them in the bald area after the relevant process. While the procedure used to be a luxury item and less common procedure, with the current development of technology and devices, hair transplantation is carried out in many places.

Hair transplantation is a procedure that is applied in our country and in the world and achieves successful results with the help of various equipment and expert treatment by doctors. The transplanted hair is shed during the first 15 days after the application and after 3 and 4 months, strong and robust hair starts to emerge. Subsequently, the person regains his former hair style and fullness as designed. Thus individuals are relieved both physically and psychologically.


Types of Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is divided into three according to the applied technique. In the two methods called FUE, DHI and FUT, the application method and time are different. The important thing is to choose the appropriate method for the individual and have it done by a specialist. It should not be forgotten that hair transplantation is not an aesthetic condition but a surgical procedure, and it should be carried out by people experienced in the relevant technique.


 The FUE Technique

The hair for hair transplantation is chosen from areas with hair which is usually the nape area. Healthy hair follicles are collected one by one from this area. During this collection, the doctor must be very careful. The recovery period will be shorter if due diligence is applied in the collection of hair follicles. The FUE technique is the most advanced technique used in recent years. Only the hair follicles are collected and the skin is not damaged. Therefore, the incisions that are made during the transplanting heal in a very short time.


The FUT Technique

The first technique developed for hair transplantation is the FUT technique. Although it is old, it is still applied frequently. In the FUT technique, a certain amount of skin is also extracted when hair follicles are collected from the donor area. Therefore, the recovery time of individuals is prolonged.


The DHI Technique

This is the most advanced technique in hair transplantation. The procedure is carried out with the help of a pen called DHI. It is much more advantageous than the FUE and FUT techniques. On the other hand, the procedure is practically painless. No grooves are opened in the DHI technique. The procedure is completed in a very short time and is accepted as the safest and most comfortable current hair transplantation method. At the same time, minimal incisions and damage is incurred to the scalp with this method. This fact shortens both the recovery time and the emergence of new hair.

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