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Hair Transplant the UK

Hair Transplant the UK
22 Haziran 2021


Hair transplant UK, People doing an online search for clinics to have their hair transplants in the UK also see Turkish clinics pages. This is why Turkey is the top destination for UK citizens for aesthetic operations, especially hair transplantation. Medical tourism started between UK and Turkey began to for ophthalmology surgeries roughly 20 years ago. Groups began to book their vocations and their laser eye correction surgeries at the end of their holidays. Now every year, lots of people choosing Turkey to have rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and hair transplant. Some patients even choose Turkey to fight their cancer treatment since they have modern and high tech facilities with skilled doctors.

Is it only the price difference why people choosing Turkey to have their hair transplant?

It is no secret a hair transplant costs 1/3 in Turkey than having it in the UK. The reason behind the cost difference is the exchange rates between both countries’ currencies. Also, the Turkish government highly supports medical tourism and offers some privileges to the hospitals and clinics with international patients. So even if you add flight tickets to the cost, it is still much cheaper than the UK. But there is more than price why so many people choose Turkey, which has become the capital of hair transplant in the World in the last two decades. Some of the best surgeons in this field are located in Istanbul. This is the reason over 1 million people travel to Istanbul to have their transplants every year from all over the World.

How much does a hair transplant cost in Turkey?

Hair Transplant Turkey vs the UK

In most countries, hair transplant operations charged per graft. For example, if a clinic charges 3 GBP or 3 Euros per graft, 3000 grafts means that you will pay 9.000 GBP/Euros. Most Turkish clinics offer all-inclusive packages, including transfers, accommodation, operation, and necessary medications. So people are always know how much they will pay, and there is no hidden cost.

Turkish clinics are also very experienced working with a high number of grafts with high survival rates. So you can have the coverage desired only in one session where other countries clinics will offer you 2 sessions or more.

Turkish clinics offer hair transplants in the range of 1.300 to 2.500 GBP cost.

Turkish Medicine

Best Hair Transplant Doctors

Turkish medicine and doctors names are started to be heard in the international arena in the last years. It is not by chance one of the first and most effective Covid-19 vaccines is developed by a Turkish couple Özlem Türeci and Uğur Şahin. Doctor Mehmet Öz is a celebrity in the USA. Aziz Sancar won the Nobel Chemistry prize in 2015 to succeed in the human DNA repairing process. Every year you can read articles many successful surgeons perform impossible surgeries in modern facilities.

The increase in quality of medical training and science is why some of the most successful and the best hair transplant surgeons are located in Istanbul / Turkey.  These surgeons established some of the most famous clinics in the World and revive many patients every year.

Turkey Holidays

All-inclusive holidays to Turkey

Turkey is a cosmopolitan, exotic country, and it is the gateway between West and East. You can have an adventure in crowded streets of Istanbul and enjoy the fantastic nightlife or just enjoy thousand years of history in museums. Or maybe you need to relax in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean or Aegean Sea.

Turkey is very popular amongst UK citizens as a holiday destination. Some towns are inhabited by %90 of UK citizens in summer. Most of the signboards are in English, like Robin Hood, Greenwith Watch Center, London, Liverpool or Chelsea. You can even pay for your lunch with GBP, and you can receive GBP as a change. So it will not be a surprise if you see your next-door neighbour walking on the side of the Aegean Sea.

There a lot of charming 5-star hotels offering all-inclusive packages which provide food and unlimited alcoholic beverages included. You can enjoy yourself without being afraid of overspending.

So, people come to Turkey have a wonderful vacation and at the end have their hair transplant.


Smile Hair Clinic

Smile Hair Clinic is based in Istanbul.  %90 of the clinic’s patients are UK or Irish citizens. There are three well-known surgeons in the clinic. It is one of the most famous clinics in hair transplant amongst people who want to have an operation in the UK. The expert team of the clinic will guide you 7/24 through your journey to become a true gentleman.

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