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How to Sleep After Hair Transplant

How to Sleep After Hair Transplant
02 Eylül 2021

How to Sleep After Hair Transplant

How to sleep after hair transplant, One of the most frequently asked question after a hair transplant surgery is how to sleep after hair transplant? Modern hair transplant surgeries thanks to the new methods and devices like Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant, have become minimally invasive because of the innovative technology behind them. The procedures are safer, more effective, and produce more natural results. The healing process is faster and easier with them. Similar to other surgical procedures, the success rate of hair transplant surgery depends on how well you follow the aftercare. So questions like how to sleep after hair transplant and how to prevent infections are sought after more and more. The first thing that needs your attention post-surgery is proper nutrition. You should take a healthy diet rich in protein and vitamins for at least 1 week after the operation. This will help you recover from the procedure quickly. It also helps prevent infections or any complications during recovery. You should follow the suggestions of your hair transplant surgeon and the medications that prescribed, properly.

How to Sleep After Hair Transplant
 Among these things, you need to be extra careful how to sleep after hair transplant to ensure that your new grafts are not damaged.

What is the best position to sleep after hair transplant?

You should sleep on your back, upright, with your head and back elevated, preferably at a 45 degree angle. Sleeping on your stomach may cause damage to your transplanted hair and increase swelling.

It would be a good idea to put a cushion or another pillow under your pillow to keep your head properly elevated and to avoid damaging the newly transplanted hair follicles, as well. You are suggested to use a travel pillow for your neck to support your head. A neck pillow also may protect the hair grafts if you turn at night during your sleep.

It is best to sleep in the right place.

The most important thing on how to sleep after a hair transplant is to avoid putting pressure on the newly how transplanted areas. This can damage both the skin around the surgical site and the transplanted hair. To avoid this, make sure that you lie down comfortably without creating tension on your scalp. Try to keep your recipient area away from the pillow so that there is no direct contact between your transplanted hair and the pillowcase.

Another option is to keep your head above heart level while sleeping. This will help reduce blood reflux to the scalp area, where it can cause swelling or bruising. Sleeping with pillows under your knees can also help reduce pressure on the surgical areas.

After surgery, you will need to take some time off from work or school to recover. It may also be helpful to have someone who can stay with you if you are uncomfortable at home alone. If possible, ask your doctor what kind of medication he/she recommends before you go back to bed.

Also, make sure that you rest for at least 6 hours every day. 

Cleanliness is a must.

For a couple of days post-medical procedure, you should be extra cautious in guaranteeing careful neatness of your bed, pillowcases, and sheets, to keep away from any danger of infection. Wash them with a cleanser that doesn’t contain any allergens that could irritate your scalp.

Do not scratch!

This is one of the indirect answers to the how to sleep after hair transplant question but it is a really important one. Scratching can damage both the grafted and donor areas and should be avoided. It also causes your scalp to itch, which can make you scratch even more. So try to avoid this as much as possible.

What pillows should I use to avoid swelling after surgery?

After hair transplant surgery, you must rest properly and avoid any type of physical activity that can cause pain or discomfort after surgery. It is best to use a soft pillow, like memory foam. It helps to reduce pressure points in the head area and avoid excessive sweating. This is one of the best tips on how to sleep after hair transplant.

Should I use a neck pillow?

A neck pillow can help keep you comfortable and prevent your head from falling forward, which can cause damage to your transplanted hair. Avoid lying down for long periods, as this will stress your scalp and make healing more difficult. If possible, try to take short naps during the day. If you need to lie down for more than an hour or so at night, use a special pillow designed specifically for people undergoing hair restoration or use more than 1 pillows to reach a 45 degree angle. These pillows contain a gel-like material that helps cushion the head and relieve pressure on the neck muscles.

When can I return to normal sleep after a hair transplant procedure?

You will be able to return to normal sleep within a week after your procedure. For about two weeks after the procedure, you may feel some discomfort. The suggestions above on how to sleep after hair transplant may save you from these symptoms. This may include tenderness at the site where the graft was taken, itching, redness, bruising, and swelling. These symptoms will subside over time.

How long after the hair transplant are the grafts safe?

The transplanted hair grafts usually take 7 to 14 days after the surgery to be safe and enrooted the recipient area. Of course, this may depend on how well you follow the required post- op care routine and take all the necessary measures in time.

This concludes our guide on how to sleep after hair transplant. If you follow the tips above, you will be able to sleep well and wake up refreshed, ready for a new day at your new life.

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