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Antonio Conte Hair Transplant

Antonio Conte Hair Transplant
15 Şubat 2021

Antonio Conte Hair Transplant

Antonio Conte hair transplant, Famous Italian football player, is well known for his magnificent goal against Turkey in Euro 2000. After his jubilee as a midfielder, he continued to work in Chelsea F.C., and he is in charge of FC Internazionale Milano since 2019.

Even in 2000, his hair loss, especially receding hairline was a hot topic. He has been suffering from severe hair loss for many years; fans discussed why he had so much hair loss at this young age and if he had a hair transplant, more then how well he played.

Antonio Conte never explained details about his hair transplant or better to say transplants. So we can never know exactly when but if we investigated his photos in 2000 there is a time-lapse with a shaved head, followed by growing hair where there was none before. This first hair transplant was not a very successful one by 2007 he had a not good looking hairline again so started to shave all his head. His fans were divided into two, the first group wanted him to have hair and others thought he was handsome as he was never before and looking like a supermodel. He should be considered as the first group so flown Canada to have his second hair transplant. We can never be sure if this was the last one of his hair transplants since hair transplant results take at least one year to see. For now, it seems he reached his goal to have his hair back.

How much Antonio Conte spent on hair transplant?

In Canada and most European countries, hair transplants costs are calculated per graft, and it is known that clinics charge around 3-4 GBP per graft. That means if you have 3.000 grafts to be transplanted, you have to pay 9.000-12.000 GBP in total. We don’t know the graft number so we can not precisely know how much he paid, but it seems he had around 3.500-4.000 grafts so probably cost was like 12.000-13.000 GBP.

Should I pay that much to get a good quality hair transplant?

Absolutely not. Turkey is the address of cheap hair transplants for better quality for many years. The cost difference is because of the currency rate and cheap labour. Smile Hair Clinic offers you all-inclusive packages. Transfers from airport to hotel and hotel to hospital, accommodations and necessary medication are included in packages, so there is no hidden cost. You can start planning your journey according to your budget, and you will know not spent even one GBP more then you are promised.

How much does a hair transplant cost in Turkey?

Most of the clinics offer 1.300 to 2.000 GBP all-inclusive packages in Turkey. This costs may cause you to have second thoughts to choose Turkey as your hair transplant destination if you are not familiar with the Turkish clinics. Turkey is not only a destination for hair transplants, many years before people used to visit for eye surgeries and knee replacements for its low prices, experienced doctors and five-star hospitals.