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Our Clinic

Smile Hair Clinic is founded in 2018 by Gökay Bilgin, M.D., and Mehmet Erdoğan, M.D., who are renowned surgeons in Europe and have carried out hair transplant surgeries in major hospital chains for a long time. The primary mission of the clinic is to make patient feel at home, family environment and safe. Turkish hospitality and quality standards are inevitable characteristics of the clinic since its foundation and we are proud to provide our guests with quality service.

Smile Hair Clinic is a medical center that is located in a private hospital accredited by Turkish Ministry of Health in Kadıköy, heart of İstanbul, and the clinic has professionalized in the field of hair transplant.

In our clinic, outcomes are guaranteed for patients. All phases of operations are supervised by physicians and each team member involved in the operation has medical education. To date, more than 15.000 international patients have undergone hair transplant surgery and successful outcomes have been created.

Friendly and hospitable team of Smile Hair strives to make patients feel at home. Thanks to social activities, such as table tennis, table soccer and dart in the clinic, patients feel much comfortable and pleased at the surgery interval.

In smile Hair Clinic, cutting edge technology is used for hair transplant surgery in patients who travel from all over the world. Smile Hair provides international patients with interpreting service, hotel reservation, airport transfer and visa consultancy, while patients are welcomed at the airport.

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