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Smile Hair Clinic was founded in 2018 by Dr Gökay Bilgin and Dr Mehmet Erdogan, who have devoted years to developing FUE hair transplant techniques and are well-known surgeons worldwide. Located in Ataşehir, one of the most popular Istanbul districts, the clinic has ten floors and welcomes its guests in a smart building of 1600 m2. The clinic serves in all areas of medical aesthetic applications. The clinic’s most important mission is to provide a family atmosphere to the patients, make them feel at home, and make them feel safe. Our clinic, where Turkish hospitality and quality standards are indispensable, is proud to provide quality service to its guests since its establishment.

Physicians follow all FUE hair transplantation processes, and each team member involved in the operation has received medical training. To date, more than 15,000 patients from different countries have undergone hair transplantation, and successful results have been obtained.

The friendly and hospitable team of Smile Hair Clinic works to make patients feel at home. Operating chairs are custom made, and Visco beds are used in their structures, so our patients feel comfortable throughout the hair transplant process.

In Smile Hair clinic, patients from all over the world are treated using the latest technology in hair transplantation. “SAPPHIRE HAIR TRANSPLANTATION” is the standard in our clinic. Guests from all over the world can benefit from Smile Hair’s translation services free of charge. They can also access services such as hotel reservation, airport pick-up, drop off and visa consultancy.

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