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Hair Transplant Correction Surgery

Hair Transplant Correction Surgery
18 Ekim 2021

Hair Transplant Correction Surgery

Hair Transplant Correction Surgery, Hair Transplant Revision Surgery, Hair Transplant Repair Surgery- Hair transplant operations are popular medical aesthetic procedures in recent years and the number of operations is increasing every year. Every year, millions of men and women travel abroad in order to have the look of their dreams and spend time and money on this process. So, can they all get the look they want? Unfortunately not. So, why are some people super happy while others are miserable? To find the answer to this question, we must first look at the reasons that cause failure.

Reasons for Failure in Hair Transplantation

  • One of the main reasons for dissatisfaction is that patients who are not suitable for hair transplantation are operated on and although their current hair condition is not good enough, the patients are given words for satisfactory results. Unfortunately, as in every sector in the world, there are people who do not care about the feelings and health of the other individuals in the medical aesthetic sector. Please make sure that the clinic you choose is a reputable clinic that tells you the truth. Try to reach the experiences, independent reviews and comments of patients who have already had procedures.
  • Medical aesthetic procedures are not vital procedures; they are performed to achieve the desired appearance of the person. Thus, the success of hair transplantation is measured by how much the operation result meets with the expectation. No matter how natural and intensive transplantation a surgeon performs, if the patient thinks that the result of the transplant should be different, we cannot say that the operation is successful. For this reason, it is necessary to make sure that the surgeon and the patient fully understand each other during the planning phase.
  • The lack of a natural appearance in the hairline is a significant problem. Moreover, the appearance of an artificial brush and the appearance of a grass head is also an important problem. It is the appearance that occurs as a result of transplanting thick grafts containing more hair instead of a single hair on the hairline and/or transplanting the grafts at different angles. The fact that a person in the room during the procedure separates the grafts according to their structural features and the skills of the surgeon prevent this appearance.
  • Failure of transplanted grafts:
  1. Clinical Reasons: Many reasons may be listed such as; damage to the hair follicles due to an improper extraction, loss of the grafts not keeping in suitable solutions, loss of the grafts result of the long duration of the procedure, loss of the grafts squeezing too much during the transplantation process and infection transmission. The only way to avoid these is to choose a reputable, experienced clinic with surgeons and staff who have made their job the centre of your their lives when choosing the clinic where you will have the procedure.
  2. B) Patient-related causes: The care of the patient during the recovery period is directly effective on the result as well as the procedure. In the first days, the grafts may be dislocated during washing. Moreover, graft loss may occur during sleep. Infection can develop due to lack of care. For this reason, it is necessary to follow the recommendations of the hair clinic and to communicate for the smallest detail.
  • A result with a lower density than desired is also one of the reasons for a failure. The reason for this may be that not all of the transplanted grafts have come out; it is more likely that the planning was not performed properly. Accurate determination of the surface area to be transplanted during the planning phase ensures that the desired density is reached. Frustration is inevitable if the surgeon cannot correctly put the number of follicles, the number of hairs, and the thickness of each hair into the equation. Of course, hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure, so the patient’s opinion is also very important, but heeding the surgeon’s suggestions at the planning stage may avoid an unpleasant result in the future and prevent Hair transplant Correction Surgery.
  • Loss of existing hair is another reason for dissatisfaction. Losing existing ones while waiting for new hair can be a nightmare. Reasons for this:
  1. A) After a hair transplantation, the result may be seen in 1-2 years. In the meantime, untreated hair sheds in normal cycles due to testosterone so the result may not be as expected. Your Surgeon should evaluate the condition of your existing hair and act on these areas accordingly or ensure the health of your existing hair with medical treatment.
  2. B) Unnecessary and/or frequent incisions between your existing hair during the operation, other than the direction of these hairs, causes the loss of your healthy hair. Although the operation is known as a simple procedure, it is actually a surgical tissue transplant, so know who your surgeon is and his experience.

What can I do with a failed hair transplant? Can I fix the hair transplant?

The answer to these questions is yes! It is possible to correct the hair transplantation that went wrong. This process is called Hair Transplant Correction Surgery or Hair Transplant Revision. All that we require for this is to have enough donor area left. Unfortunately, it is not healthy to replant the previously transplanted hair, so the donor area needs to provide enough grafts to perform the planned operation. Again, we regret to say that unfortunately, because of the procedures performed in some inexperienced clinics in Europe and America, which demand high fees, we see that there is almost no donor area left an in that case a revision is not possible.

How can I fix the hairline?

As Smile Hair Clinic, one of the most frequently asked questions is how to correct hairlines that seems artificial, brushy, like baby hair, or like a grass head. As we mentioned previously, transplanting grafts containing thick, multiple hairs on the front hairline and/or not adjusting the incision angles can cause an artificial appearance that will cause someone easily to understand that you have had a hair transplant. There are two ways to fix this, either by pulling the hairline down a little and by creating a new and natural hairline, or unfortunately, the hair follicles that cause this appearance are removed with an electrolysis device. Electrolysis is a method of removing individual hairs from the scalp or body. Today’s medical electrolysis devices destroy the growth centre of the hair with chemical or heat energy. After placing a very thin probe on the hair root, the hairs are removed with tweezers.

Electrolysis assisted Hair Transplantation Correction Surgery

Hair Correction Surgery with electrolysis is possible. Since it is not limited to the color or type of the hair like laser epilation, we can say that the most effective method is Electrolysis. A cosmetic procedure does not leave any scars when done correctly. Moreover, electrolysis assisted Hair Transplant Repair is a permanent procedure that can really help the patient have a more natural hairline and a faster result. Hair Transplantation Correction surgeries performed with this method unsure to obtain dense and more natural hairlines. On the other hand, keep in mind that in the wrong hands – just like the operation itself – Electrolysis Hair Transplant Repair can lead to scarring and even dermal atrophy.

Smile Hair Clinic doctors evaluate the appropriate options in our clinic and perform Hair Transplant Correction Surgeries for our patients to achieve a natural and dense hairline.

The more I pay the more successful my hair transplant result will be?

Of course not. The marketing world, where everything is an illusion, may try to make you believe it. Hair transplantation prices in Istanbul, which is the epicentre of hair transplantation, are remarkably cheap compared to the clinics in many European countries and the USA. Despite this, clinics provide first-class services and accept patients from many countries every year. Smile Hair Clinic ensures disappointed patients, who have paid 9-10 times for the clinics in other countries, getting the look they desire and turn into a real gentlemen.

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