Trapianto di capelli Manuel Fue

Trapianto di capelli Manuel Fue, is the first technique applied in hair transplantation where the grafts are removed one by one. It can be seen as the ancestor of all currently used FUE hair transplantation techniques.

It has been developed as an alternative to the FUE method, in which it is made by removing some of the skin from the donor area and leaving the visible stitch marks that cut the donor area horizontally.

The skin around the hair is cut and grafts are obtained, by rotating the punches with the help of fingers. In the technique performed using large biopsy punches in the early stages, the punches have also been modernized over time and became specialized for this job.

The biggest advantage of manual Fue hair transplantation is that it is the best technique when it comes to removing the grafts with the least damage. The hair transplant surgeon controls the whole process, and makes a careful and gentle plan for each graft and takes follicular units.

It can be stated for manual FUE hair transplantation that the only disadvantage is that it is takes long time so that the number of grafts cannot be exceeded.

After repeated sessions with low graft numbers, the results obtained in hair transplantation using a micromotor are achieved. Performing repeated sessions for large areas costs high to patients.

Micro FUE Hair Transplantation

Micro FUE hair transplantation is a technique performed using specialized motors. In this technique, punches are placed on the end of the hand piece connected to the micro motor. Rotation speed and direction can be adjusted on the motor. It is the most common technique used in the world.

Clinics that perform FUE hair transplantation will transplant your grafts with this technique unless you choose another method. The procedure performed using punches of 0.6-1 mm diameter is minimally invasive. After sapphire hair transplantation, the recovery of the donor area is completed in about seven days.

Its biggest advantage is that it is fast and can reach high graft numbers in FUE hair transplantation. In this way, more intense results can be obtained in a larger surface area in one session. It significantly reduces the number of sessions required for patients, and consequently the cost.

In micro motor hair transplantation, the extraction process is not as controlled and gentle as manual FUE hair transplantation. If the surgeon performing the removal procedure is not experienced, the fracture percentage of follicular units increases.

Therefore, in Smile Hair Clinic, the quality of the grafts and the fracture percentage are observed during the removal process.

Manuel FUE vs Micro FUE 

Since the use of micromotors in FUE hair transplantation, there has been debates on which method is superior to the other. Smile Hair Clinic embraces the statement “There is no patient, there is a disease”, which is frequently used in the medical world. Therefore, surgeons, who successfully apply many techniques, make special plans for the needs of patients.

When we compare these two methods:

Actually, the two techniques are basically the same. Manual FUE is slower and more controlled whereas micro FUE is faster. Although it is true that the grafts taken in manual FUE technique are less damaged, and it is another fact that the rapid implantation of the grafts affects the mentality and quality of life.

  • Manual FUE is superior in terms of less damage to the grafts and donor area.
  • Micro FUE is superior in that the number of grafts that can be transplanted in a single session can be 3 times more than manual FUE.
  • Micro FUE hair transplants are much less costly.
  •  Since fewer grafts are transplanted, recovery in the donor area is faster in the manual FUE method.
  •  It is easy to find a clinic that uses the micro FUE technique. The number of surgeons using the manual FUE method is less.

The Best Hair Transplantation

The best hair transplantation method is to be selected by your FUE hair transplant surgeon, to prevent your disappointment by explaining all possible results to you, and to make detailed planning in this direction.

FUE hair transplantation is a procedure you have done to make yourself feel happy when you look in the mirror. The best hair transplant operation is the one that makes you feel happy. Thus, Smile Hair Clinic doctors will help you to choose the most suitable method for you. Many methods are successfully applied in our clinic and the best result is targeted for our patients.

People, who want to have a hair transplantat operation and do research on this matter, encounter many terms and in fact, these terms create confusion of meaning and keep these people away from the way that is right for them. The best hair transplant for you is the one you have in the right clinic.

Manual FUE Hair Transplantation in Smile Hair Clinic

If you prefer surgeons of Smile Hair Clinic and think that a certain number of grafts can meet your needs, they can perform your hair transplantation with manual FUE.

Our case managers, in consultation with our doctors, will support you in making the right choice and eliminating your confusion.

Special planning for the pre-operation is made according to each person who wants to have a hair transplant in our clinic. The data obtained during the entire operation is processed in the patient file and observed, and it is ensured that the operation proceeds in the planned course.

Your vital signs are monitored periodically by our team, who receive advanced life support training, to make sure that you are safe.

In Smile Hair Clinic, operation rooms are sterilized every day and the risk of infection is minimized.

Our expert team and surgeons will support you in the whole process after the process of Sapphire FUE hair transplantation and make sure that everything goes well.

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