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Why Smile Hair?


Hair Transplantation

Smile Hair Clinic is one of the most important hair transplantation clinics in Istanbul, Turkey’s heart. In Smile Hair Clinic, which is managed by Dr Gökay Bilgin and Dr Mehmet Erdoğan, who are globally recognized in their field, their patients’ satisfaction is at the forefront. Doctors follow all operations processes, and each team member involved in the operation has received medical training. Hair transplantation surgeries have been performed on many patients from different countries, and successful results have been obtained.

As a marketing tool, utopic results are not promised. According to your expectations, all possible scenarios are explained in advance. The areas to be transplanted are decided with you by explaining the processes and factors affecting the hair transplantation outcome. Thus, you will not be disappointed after months of waiting.

Smile Hair Clinic cares about your health and is prepared for all possible complications. Periodically, the entire team receives recurrent training on emergency life support, according to AHA (American Heart Association) guidelines.

We Do Not Leave You On Your Own After Your FUE Hair Transplantation

After the Sapphire Hair Transplantation, which is the standard in Smile Hair Clinic, you can reach us at any time and feel all our support with you. Our expert team and physicians will provide you with unlimited support during the care process after the FUE hair transplantation operation.

We are located in Ataşehir.

Smile Hair Clinic, is located in Ataşehir, new centre of modern life and crossroad of the Asian side of Istanbul. It is a hair transplantation centre, located in a private hospital accredited by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey and licensed to carry out hair transplant surgeries.

We Have Considered Everything For Your Comfort

At Smile Hair Clinic, treatments are carried out using the latest technology in hair transplantation field for patients worldwide. Guests from different countries can benefit from Smile Hair Clinics’ services, including but not limited to translation services in all languages, hotel reservations, airport pick-up and drop-off, visa consultancy, transfer services.

We Perform Hair Transplantations All Around The World!

The Smile Hair Clinic name is a leading symbol of quality all over the world. People from all around the world have joined the Smile Hair Clinic family. As you enter.

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