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Why Smile Hair?

Ataşehir, İstanbul …

Smile Hair Clinic is founded in 2018 by Gökay Bilgin, M.D., and Mehmet Erdoğan, M.D., who are renowned surgeons in Europe and have carried out hair transplant surgeries in major hospital chains for a long time.

Hair Transplantation

In Smile Hair clinic, hair transplant surgeries are performed at hospital settings, while maximum attention paid to the sterilization. The entire procedure supervised by physicians who have extensive experience in medical emergencies. Our physicians monitor the patients during all the stages of the treatment until the patient discharged. They do take place not only in planning or making incisions, but on all the levels of the surgery. Moreover, all personnel involved in the surgical process have a medical education and reach working experience.

For your comfort
We thought of everything …

State-of-the-art devices are used in the surgeries and the patients are provided with world-class healthcare services. The high-technology devices used for needless technology and the sapphire blades used to drill the canals ensures a seamless operation for the patient, while the success rate is also maximized. Smile hair provides guaranteed success rates for the patients.

To the Earth
We’re Planting Hair!

To date, Smile Hair Clinic has treated many patients from many countries of the world and success results are created. Enjoying the opportunity of access to the doctor over WhatsApp at any time after the operation, patients have been satisfied with the results and they had expresses happiness arising out of having healthy hair in the comments published in digital platforms.

Ilar They met us at the airport and everything went well. The Holiday Inn Hotel was great… Smile Hair Clinic was very nice and the team was very professional. They took very good care of us and did an excellent job. Highly recommend. ”

Ryan – United Kingdom


“It was even better than I expected! Everything was performed in accordance with the plan that was said with magnificent Turkish hospitality. Full recommendation! ”

Syed – Canada


“Everything was perfect! Hospital… Staff… Hotel… ”

Xavier – Norway


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