Dr. Ahmet Can Azak

Hair Transplant Surgeon, MD. Medical Aesthetic Physician

Dr. Ahmet Can Azak started his medical education in Bülent Ecevit University.
During his medical internship, he realized how much he enjoys surgical operations. It was
satisfying for him to get permanent results by doing surgeries. Specifically, the field of plastic
surgery charmed him and he steered for this field. Later on, he wanted to specialize in hair
transplant surgeries and his journey with Smile Hair Clinic has started.

He was born in Kocaeli. Even though he is the youngest of the four
children with his twin, his hardworking and curious character separated him from his siblings.
Accordingly, he became a very successful student and came first in his classes through his
studentship in primary and secondary schools.

His success continued through following years and he achieved to get accepted for studying
engineering in university. However, after his first year he realized that his passion is
Medicine. After that, he successfully got into Bülent Ecevit University for his medical education.

Now, his ambition is to see all kinds of cases he can during his career as a medical aesthetic
physician. He also aims to educate people about hair transplantation and inform them about the
procedure truly.

Despite all the success in his career, success really means to have as many happy days in his
life as possible. So, success is an ever-ending process for him and he is still searching for the
motto of his life.

He is eager to learn, investigative, clever and niggling just like the scientists he admired as
Einstein, Faraday and Newton, maybe with the impacts of the documentaries he loves watching
about science and space.

Although he signifies that he is an introvert and lover of solitude, his kind, caressing and modest
character makes him loved by many people around him including his patients. He also loves to
be somewhere where he can meet with many different people from many different cultures all
around the world, that is also what makes Smile Hair Clinic appealing for him.

In addition to his job he is also passionate about hiking in nature ( he says one of the happiest
moments in his life was when he was hiking), camping and growing tropical plants and cacti. He
loves animals and wishes to have a pet someday. He is also a vegan, it suits his standpoint
about being caring to the environment.

His friends describe him as funny, compatible and sensitive about happenings around the world.

His sign: Cancer
His favorite movie: Arrival
His favorite music genres: Electronic based music and acoustic music

Instagram: drahmetcanazak

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