11 June 2019
Many women face hair loss at any time of their lives. Hair loss can be secondary to many reasons.      
13 June 2019
Most of men experience hair loss, starting from the age of late 20’s and progressing at 50’s. 
11 April 2019
In surgical operations, the most common concern for patients is the fear of feeling pain and ache. 
25 November 2018
Hair transplant is, in essence, an organ transplant surgery; therefore, the procedure involves meticulous efforts by experts in this field.
21 July 2018
All patients who decide to have a hair transplant have many questions in their mind about the issues that require attention both before and after the hair transplant surgery.
13 October 2018
Stress, challenging daily life conditions, irregular sleep pattern and unhealthy eating habits, when combined with genetic factors, cause loss of hair in many people.
12 May 2019
Postoperative period of the hair transplant surgery is pretty important for the success and there are many other points that patients should pay attention at this stage.
10 June 2019
Micro FUE method is, in essence, the process of harvesting grafts/follicular units from the donor area, one by one, using a micromotor.